XP the 30 day rule !!

  Derek 06:45 29 May 2003

Having got XP Pro and loaded it to my number two machine in error, I decided to uninstall it and put it on my other PC but not yet.
I have an MSI KT4 ultra MB on its way and this motherboard is to upgrade my 'best' PC along with a new CPU and DDR. I'll load XP on to the 'best' PC. But first I want to carry on using Win ME for a while until I do some more reading about XP.
This means that I could invoke the 30 day rule...or will I?
I have not yet registered it or activated it.

Your advice please. Kind regards DM

  -pops- 07:00 29 May 2003

The 30 day rule applies to activation. If you haven't activated then the system will cease to function correctly after 30 days.

You should be able to re-install after 30 days but someone told me the other day that this doesn't always work and it may refuse to re-install on a disk that has had the grace period expire. I don't know whether this is true but it is worth bearing in mind.


  [email protected] 07:04 29 May 2003

I think your ok till you`ve registered/activated it - then your committed.

You are able/allowed to change components in the PC up to a point and if XP objects when too much is changed you can sort it out with a call to XP support.

How easy this is in practice......answers on a postcard :o)

  Djohn 07:58 29 May 2003

I can only give you my findings, can't guarantee it for all use.

I installed XP Pro. and OfficeXP, I did not activate, and all my other programs including my ISP, which is AOL.

For trial reasons over the following three weeks I formated the drive 5 times. The first two re-installs, I did not bother to load programs as I was comparing only the two ISP's (AOL, and Freeserve).

That makes a total of three installs of XP, on each one I was given the 30 day option of countdown to activate.

The fourth time I did activate, via the internet, the fifth and final time I again activated via the internet. This is a straight forward operation and a matter of just clicking on the "Activate" Icon, the activation then takes place automatically.

All this was on the same PC with no hardware changes. Regards. J.

  Derek 08:14 29 May 2003

Many thanks to you all for your guidance. It would appear that just a little confusion is apparent and I intend putting this question directly to MS Support.
I do this because there must be others who buy XP and go through a similar proceedure to me, this reticence is perhaps due to the amount of inverse and adverse comment in various media.
I will leave this matter unresolved for the time being and post again when I have a definitive comment from MS.
Again my thanks Kindest regards DM.

  -pops- 08:20 29 May 2003

If it's any help, I've used WXP for a number of years now - even being a beta tester before the official launch and I can say it is the best, most stable operating system the Microsoft have produced.

I have no regrets at all about using it and I would recommend it to anyone.

(I do not work for Microsoft).


  Acronym 12:23 01 Jun 2003

I bought XP 30 days ago. It didn't support my network card and, when I found a driver on the net, the connection was slugged to a near-useless 8 packets/sec. The start menu leaves bits of sub-menu on the screen; the only way to clear them seems to be to log out. The whole system is slow and even more irritating than 98.
Finally, the thing told me I had to "activate" it or it would stop working. Needless to say, the activation didn't work, and it told me to ring a number, staffed by robots, and dial in some ridiculously long number.
If Microsoft were paying me to install this rubbish, perhaps I would go along with their silly games. When it costs nearly £100, and stops my PC from working properly, enough is enough. I have uninstalled it and will return it for a refund.
Has Microsoft any plans to develop anything that works?

  -pops- 12:44 01 Jun 2003

Millions upon millions of XP users would strongly disagree with your viewpoint.

Ever considered it may be you that is in error and not Windosw XP?

Think about it.

  Steve- 13:04 01 Jun 2003

I have had cause to reinstall WinXP and Office XP, a number of times, and when needed I have used the MS contact number, apart from the initial "talking to a computer" bit I have found them courteous and helpful, in fact they usually dont seem interested in why I am reinstalling they just give me the required codes. As long as you are obeying the rules there seems to be no problem.

Having used all the Windows from 95 on I agree that XP is by far the best and although I have noticed the bits of menu being left around occasionally it does not alter my perception of the OS.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:55 01 Jun 2003

'staffed by robots, and dial in some ridiculously long number'...when I have had to phone MS the people were pleasant and it was not difficult to key in the number, it is not rocket science; perhaps your attitude may have some shortcomings?


  DieSse 20:18 01 Jun 2003

It's perfectly in oder, and will cause no rpoblems, to activate it on the system it's on now, and when the time comes, to uninstall it and recativate it on your other system.

At the very worst it will only take a simple phone call to MS to do the second activation, after you've explained what you've done.

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