XP 2nd user account & BT Broadband?

  Satratter 14:10 25 Jan 2005

I have set up a second user account on XP in order to keep my work/personal stuff separate from other friends and family who on occasion use my pc, I subscribe to BT broadband and when the 2nd account is opened there is a smaller list of icons on the screen as is expected I think and amongst them is my broadband icon! my problem is that upon clicking the broadband icon nothing at happens...therefore preventing the 2nd account from accessing the internet, which is the idea in the first place, have I set it up incorrectly? and is there any advice out there to help me overcome this problem...
Please help!

  Chezdez 14:34 25 Jan 2005

make a copy of the link that is in your account, and move it into the new account? you'll need to be logged on as yourself (admin i presume?) to access both sets of files

  Rockarch 14:54 25 Jan 2005

Go to your original log in and check that when you do start-connect to- 'your broadband' that you have checked the box to allow any one who uses this computer to use the connection.
I have 2 users on XP on my PC with broadband and have no problems with it.

When you set up the 2nd account you will also have to customise how you want the screen to look as lots of your icons might be those you have manually added rather than those of programs.

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