xms problem message on win 98 pc

  brett1500 15:26 13 Mar 2006

After a year in the shed i decided to give my old pc a new lease of life. everything went well until i recieved the message at startup "ERROR HIMEM.SYS has detected unreliable memory at address 04000016. XMS driver not installed". Ive tried to reinstall the windows 98 disc and the format floppy disc but to no avail. Please help !!!thank you for your time.

  pj123 15:31 13 Mar 2006

Try a later version boot floppy from click here and fdisk and reformat from there.

  woodchip 16:02 13 Mar 2006

Switch computer of and pull the wall plug. take side of computer, remove memory modules try cleaning the contacts with Brasso switch cleaner is the Ideal solution as you can spray some in the memory sockets. Refit memory and try

  brett1500 16:21 13 Mar 2006

the brasso worked perfect thanks guys!!!!!

  woodchip 16:32 13 Mar 2006

Can you please tick the box for Green arrow then other can learn from this when they do a search. Also Glad it worked

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