xml name space prefix = o -aargh!

  mco 20:16 06 May 2005

please help! This has happened to me before: I'm doing a wysiwyg website and whenever I copy and paste from a word document onto a page on my site (to avoid me typing it all out myself) I get the above code which I don't understand. If I delete it, it just reappears somewhere else on the document. The only way to get rid of it is to type the document myself instead of copying/pasting - but that's hard work! what does this mean and how do I solve it please?

  harristweed 09:07 07 May 2005

Are the word documents HTML or DOC? If they are HTML you can save them as DOC before you copy and paste. But I think forum menbers idea is possibly the best solution.

If you want to learn about XML there are plenty of tutorials on the net.

  mco 11:15 07 May 2005

They are doc and that's when I get the problem. Will try forummember's advice, though I do need to read up about XML because I want eventually to solve the problem notjust treat the symptoms! Thanks

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