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  waydekirrane 16:50 08 Jan 2004

I've got a whole load of information in excel that i want to put on a web page as a htm file. what's the best way of doing this?

  Taran 17:48 08 Jan 2004

It very much depends on whether you want people to be able to interact with the workbooks and the data held in them.

The quick and easy solution to just display the content of a spreadsheet without giving interaction with it is File, Save as Web Page...

All this does is create a simple HTML file that displays the data held on the sheet or entire workbook.

You can also embed Excel spreadsheets into HTML documents as a data object, but much depends on the software you have available and your web hosting package as to whether or not this will work as you might like it to.

If you want user interaction we start getting a bit more complex, so if you want this, post again and one of us will walk you through some options.

It would help to know the version of Excel you are running and whether or not you have any web authoring software.



  waydekirrane 10:52 09 Jan 2004

basically i have player profiles to do for a website eg 20 questions at the top of the spreadsheet and each of 15 players answers (name, age, position, etc) below. i was just wondering if i could turn each player into a separate web page with their name at the top as a big title, followed by a picture of them, followed by the questions and answers side by side. all i've used so far is frontpage and excel 2002. at the end i don't want anything fancy just a page for each player that i will link from a player list.

i've tried transposing the questions and answers (so they are beside each other), centering them in the middle of the spreadsheet and adding a title and picture, but when i view it as a htm in explorer, the picture isn't there.

any help greatfully received

  Taran 13:21 09 Jan 2004

So will you already have the player questions and answers or will you be expecting the players to fill in the answers to your questions online with the results saved to a page ?

Without knowing for certain how you would like this implemented online I could go off on one, describing all kinds of rubbish that may not be suitable.

Try this.

Create a new page in your FrontPage web. Call it player1.htm [for the sake of this example]. Now open the corresponding Excel workbook and select the worksheet from the book that applies to player1. Press your Ctrl and A keys [select all] then press Ctrl and C [copy] then go back to FrontPage and press Ctrl and P [paste].

All of those functions can be used by selecting from the Edit menu in either program using your mouse, followed by Select All, Copy and then Paste. I just use the keyboard shortcuts because I'm a naturally lazy hack.

Repeat as necessary using whatever file naming system is relevant to you. Naming your web pages player1.htm through to player20.htm may seem a bit impersonal so you might want to choose actual person names. If you do, don't use spaces in your file names and don't use capital letters either. Seperate words with an underscore, like_this, so you could have joe_bloggs.htm and jane_doe.htm and so on.

All this process does is paste your information from the Excel sheet into the HTML web page as a table. From then on in you can format the table and its contents to your prefered look to reflect your site layout. Save the page in FrontPage and make sure you put your image file(s) into the images folder or things will start to get a bit confused if you end up with twenty or so player images dotted all over you main web folder.

This assumes that you already have the questions and answers in one or more Excel workbooks and that you do not want to have an interactive question sheet where each player submits their answer online and updates their page.

If you want something different, post again and I'll come up with something else, but the above is perhaps the easiest way of doing what I think you are trying to do.



  waydekirrane 16:27 12 Jan 2004

that will do nicely. only 1 more thing. can i break a line in a cell in excel 2002 without putting the next line in the next cell?

  Taran 22:06 12 Jan 2004

Where do you want to put the next line ?

I'm not sure I understand what it is you want to do.

An easy way to manage 15 players stats is to create a new worksheet in the same workbook for each player and name it after the individual player.

If you do this there is nothing stopping you from calculating averages, comparing information between two or more players and producing all the facts and figures you need.

But back to the question at hand, I'm not sure I have a handle on what it is you want to do so, if you can, try to describe in detail what you'd like to be able to do and one of us will try to help.


  waydekirrane 11:36 13 Jan 2004

basically one of the questions is very long. when i transfer it to frontpage each questions and answer is on one line. thus the page is very wide and you must scroll along to see the answers. it all looks a bit messy. i'm just wondering can i split up the question to appear on different lines? hope that is clearer!

  waydekirrane 10:24 14 Jan 2004


  Taran 16:33 14 Jan 2004

Are you saying that too much text in one table cell is making the table too wide on the page ?

If so...

Let's say you have a table with two rows and three columns.

Say both rows and columns contain the same data, as follows:




Question: In a typical RDBMS (relational database management system) explain the differences between a primary key and a foreign key and how they are normally implemented - include an overview on data normalisation using standard terminology with the relevant data flow diagrams and ERD s (entity relationship diagrams) for a situation of your choice.


It stands to reason that the first two columns, since they only contain one word, will be smaller than the last one that has the huge database question. Or at least you might think that. Normally your table will be divided equally into evenly spaced columns, but things can sometimes go wrong with this.

In FrontPage, right click in any cell on the table you are working with, then left click on Table Properties. At the top of the pop-up screen that appears, make sure there is a tick in the box that says Specify width and choose from either fixed pixel width or a fixed percentage size.

100% will obviously make the table 100% of the available screen width of the site viewers monitor at whatever resolution they have their system set up at. If you want to target 800x600 screen resolution you could specify a table width of 770 pixels.

I suggest for the sake of this example that you specify a pixel width for now and worry about percentages later.

Whichever option you select, click Apply then OK when done to apply the change.

Now, if we use my example above as a basis, hover the cursor over the very top of the table and you will see it change to a downward pointing arrow - if you move the cursor to the left of the screen the same thing happens, only the arrow points to the right.

Left click at the top of your table column when the cursor changes to an arrow which will select all cells in that column, changing them to black indicating that they are selected. Right click in any of the selected cells and left click on Cell properties. Three equal columns would need each column width specified at 33%, so even if your FrontPage table has a 770 pixel wide table, three columns at 33% will divide the table into equal thirds.

You can alter your column widths to suit using this method, going from column to column across the width of your table. Once done, select all the table cells and go back into Cell properties. Change the vertical alignment to top to tidy things up a bit and this should get you up and running.

If you do this you can control exactly how wide your HTML page table will be, how wide each column will be which will force large blocks of text to wrap into a table cell that expands down the more text you add into it.

Try the FrontPage helpfiles for layout and table reference instructions.

I think this is what you are trying to do.

If not, post again with more detail and I'll see what I can cook up.


  waydekirrane 10:20 22 Jan 2004

wonderful!! works a treat!

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