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  David-292376 23:29 27 Nov 2003

I have downloaded a excel file for a Caravan Site Fee Calculator. I have not got Microsoft Word to use it, but I can view it with the Free Microsoft Excel Viewer. I have got Openoffice, which you are able to open XLS files, so I thought I could use that. When I open the file it comes up with "Error Loading Document File Read-Error This File Is Password Protested" I have not had this problem before opening xls files this way with Openoffice

  VoG II 23:35 27 Nov 2003

Please can you post a link to the download. Just go to the site that you downloaded it from then highlight the address and press CTRL+C. Then come back here and press CTRL+V.

  David-292376 23:42 27 Nov 2003

Hi There
It a java script window, I got the site off click here. Scroll down to Site Fee Calculators

  VoG II 00:03 28 Nov 2003

II have been able to open the file OK (in MS Office) but my normal "unprotect" routines do not work. Furthermore, attempting to unprotect the VBA code gives a corrupt file message.

Therefore, I suspect that the file is corrupt/damaged (99%) or that they have found a way of protecting the file that I cannot overcome (1%).

  David-292376 00:07 28 Nov 2003

Thanks very much for trying, has anyone else got any ideas

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