XLS ??????????

  dkuk2000 00:43 30 Jul 2003

I've just downloaded a xls file and when i try to open it my pc just gives me the usual "which program do you want open file with" i've tried everything i can think of.
Does anybody out there have the answer ?????

  Webmaster 00:48 30 Jul 2003

.xls files are Microsoft Office Excel files. If you have Excel installed on your machine, it should automatically open up the file in Excel. Because it seems not to be doing this, it would suggest you do not have Excel installed. Otherwise, inadvertently, the default application for .xls files has been altered somehow.

  DieSse 00:54 30 Jul 2003

If you don't have excel and want to view the file, MS have a free viewer for download here click here

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