XFX Nvidia FX5700le

  pb457 20:04 13 Jan 2005

i am thinking about buying this card this weekend as my current card FX5200 is appalling even the simplest games it struggles with. My question is is this any good for modern games like GTA3, Flight Sim 2004, Max Payne 2 etc.

  polish 20:37 13 Jan 2005

i have a 5700 and it plays half life 2 with no problems
with pci e the new way forward it might be worth waiting until it settles down or pay a bit more for a agp card that will last a bit longer

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 21:29 13 Jan 2005

i have the 256mb 5700le works fine
max payne 2 bloodlines vice city run fine on it

  citadel 21:42 13 Jan 2005

do not get any card with le at the end eg 5700le as these are slower versions. The fx range of cards were not very good. The new 6600gt, will give you a massive boost when playing games, the 6800,or 6800gt are faster if you can afford them.

  Starfox 22:56 13 Jan 2005

And a massive pain in your wallet.

5700le £49

68000gt £250 to £300

Both will play all the latest games.Only if you are a keen gamer will the cost of the 6800gt be worthwhile.

click here for choices.

  joesoaps 23:30 13 Jan 2005

I have this card in my pc (P4 2.4) and it's fine for all the latest games at medium or lower resolution.

My grandson plays GTA 3 and Max Payne 2 on this pc and it does fine, don't know about Flight Sim 2004 though, I think you need a fast processor for that.

We have another pc with the FX6800 256mb card and the only difference I can see is that the details in the games are much clearer (sharper) but then again I am not an ardent gamer.

  Totally-braindead 23:39 13 Jan 2005

Disagree with some of the others. The games you listed will work fine with the 5700 card you're looking at but if you buy any of the very latest games you'll be struggling, have a look at click here and make your own mind up. If the games you've mentioned are all you want to run then fine, theres no point spending £200+ buying something you don't get the benefit of. Just had a quick look and the 5700LE isn't tested, it would be somewhere below the standard 5700 I would think. I've personally got a FX5900 and it plays all the latest games at 1024x768 no problem but theres newer cards out there for the same money, the deciding factor is how much you wish to spend. By the way whatever you decide to get almost anything would be an improvement on what you have just now. Graphics cards have advanced amazingly fast in the past 2 years or so.

  Totally-braindead 23:46 13 Jan 2005

Oh and save yourself a few quid by not getting the 256mb cards, theres no games out at the moment that I know of that can take advantage of the extra memory so just get a 128mb card.

  The Sack 01:33 14 Jan 2005

£234 from PCW componant center.

All nVidia FX range cards are uber rubbish with DirectX 9 just look at Half Life 2 defaulting all FX cards to DirectX 8.1 because the performance hit with Direct X 9 is so bad.

If you can afford it buy any nVidia geforce 6 card or an ATi 9600 (pro) if you are on a tight budget.

As for memory size Doom III uses textures up to 512MB in size so memory does matter although 99.99% of the time only if you are going to be using screen resolutions over 1280x1024

  joesoaps 02:09 14 Jan 2005

Bet you wished you had never asked :o)

Depends what you want the card to do, the choice is yours,as for " all FX cards are rubbish " that's just one opinion, I personally have no problems with FX cards.

  The Sack 10:57 14 Jan 2005

You wont, i had (and loved) an FX 5900 Ultra it was brilliant and lovely and fast. The bit you overlooked was that i said FX cards are rubbish with DirectX 9 not that they were rubbish cards. In Half Life 2 running an FX card under DirectX 9 incurs an near 70% performance hit which is why they run under 8.1, which is very bad for a native DirectX 9 part.

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