XFX GeForce 6200A Puzzle

  GuinnessDrinker 19:12 07 Jan 2007

As an interim solution until I build a new system in the summer when I have some cash, I have bought a new monitor (DVI connection) and an AGP 8x GeForce 6200A for my existing computer. My existing setup is:

Soltek SL-75FRV motherboard
AMD 1.6GHz Athlon
768MB DDR400 RAM
300W PSU
ZIP 100
XFX GeForce 440 MX (AGP 8x with 1 VGA socket)
SoundBlaster SBLive! PCI
USB 2.0 PCI card
Linksys Wireless PCI card
Pinnacle TV PCI card
Ethernet PCI card

When I swapped the graphics cards, the monitor displayed 'No Signal' and the computer would not POST. When I disconnected my secondary IDE channel, it got to the Soltek BIOS splash screen, but would go no further. I then took out the PCI cards (except sound) out and it got to, but hung at, the Windows XP welcome screen.

Do I correctly surmise that I have a power problem? If so, I am looking at going OTT to buy a new PSU so it is future proof for my new system (Ideally it will be an SLI setup, with plenty of ooomph in all aspects). I am thinking of the 600w Seasonic S12-60 (click here). Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of these PSUs?

Any comments or tips gratefully received.

  egapup 19:31 07 Jan 2007

HI, I recently bought and fitted a GeForce 6200, first in my AMD system then in a Pentium System which my son gave me, both systems have smaller PSU's then yours and the second Pentium computer as only got a 4x AGP slot but the card works perfectly. You've got a problem but it's not the PSU. Did you uninstall the old graphics card before installing the new one?

  GuinnessDrinker 19:33 07 Jan 2007

I completely uninstalled the drivers / utilities and also followed the instructions included with the new graphics card about how to 'unassign' the old graphics card so windows would use a generic adapter until I installed the drivers for the new card.

  egapup 08:37 08 Jan 2007

Make sure all your connections are ok, unplug and replug all the cables, reseat the memory. You may have to re-install windows.

  GuinnessDrinker 08:45 08 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help with this. I was hoping not to have to reinstall windows, as my system works fine with my original graphics card back in it, but I agree it may be the best way to solve the problem.

  GuinnessDrinker 09:23 08 Jan 2007

Edit to above:
I've just had a thought - If the computer would not POST or display the BIOS splash screen initially, as explained originally, reinstalling Windows won't solve the problem when I have all my internal drives and cards connected. I had to remove most of them to get the computer to even get to the Windows welcome screen.
The new graphics card works fine in another computer...

  [email protected] 10:03 08 Jan 2007

Avoid re-installing the OS as this in not likely to be the problem. If it all worked before you tried this new card then it's more likely to be a compatibility issue.
Get operational with your original setup.
Power down. Remove original card. Boot up. Remove everything relevent to the card in Add/Remove Programs. Power down. Fit problem card and boot up. Windows WILL recognise the new hardware. If it does not then its a compatibility issue between mobo and card. Check and double check the specs for each.
Windows will install generic drivers for you to have a display pending installation of the correct drivers which you will have to do to get full beniefit from the card.
I built my own PC with the PSU you mention. It's the dogs but I have a twin SLI setup and may be overkill for your future project. The PSU should come last as and when you are aware of your power requirements.
There are some good forums dedicated to DIY projects, this one walked me through my project:
click here

  [email protected] 10:06 08 Jan 2007

PS: 300w may not be sufficient for your rig as you have several PCI cards fitted, the requirements of the new VGA card may be what's pushing it over the top. Try removing the cards you don't need for a while, or just for the test.

  GuinnessDrinker 10:19 08 Jan 2007

Thanks for the advice, [email protected] The website you included a link to is very comprehensive and helpful.
I have removed all the PCI cards (except sound) and the secondary IDE channel power completely already, and the system then hangs at the Windows 'Welcome' screen. Also, the display of the welcome screen is "grainy" with a few small areas a completely random colour. Personally, I think this is an indicator of power supply problems. What wattage would you recommend to try for?

  [email protected] 10:40 08 Jan 2007

I was just doing the vacuum cleaning, thinking about PC problems, you know, like you do, and like you I have come to the conclusion you have a power issue, either not enough or instability when drawing the max. If you intend to build a rig as you first thought then the 600w will do fine now and for the future. It may not initially resolve your problem though as I suspect your normally stable system has been upset by some major h/w swaps - this has to be resolved first. You would not normally expect to re-install you OS just for h/w components. Mobo yes but not PCI or VGA cards.
I will post again this afternoon as I am a bit busy at the moment. Take heart, it's not a big thing and a step by step approach will sort it ;-)

  vinnyT 12:31 08 Jan 2007

I, like others, feel that this is a power issue.

You stated that this card is an interim, until you do your build in summer. In which case you have nothing to lose by getting the seasonic psu now and trying it in your present system, this will either solve the prob, or not, but as you will be using it in the summer build anyway, get it now.

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