xcopy syntax

  David4637 15:50 20 Sep 2009

Could you please give me the syntax for copying some files from D:\ folder ABC and sub folder XYZ, the files are in XYZ, to say a pen drive which is defined as G:\

I tried this syntax but it did not copy


underscore _ = a space in the above.

Although I want to add switches I can't even copy a few files from the D: drive to the G:\

Your help appreciated
Thanks David

  David4637 16:13 20 Sep 2009

I should have said I need to add My Docs after the d:\
I believe you have to add quotes if there is a space between My Docs?
Thanks David

  I am Spartacus 16:20 20 Sep 2009

xcopy d:\"digital photos"\*.* /S /R /Y /d:09/20/2009 e:\"digital photos"\

The above copies all files with a specified file date from the Digital Photos folder on drive d: to the folder on drive e: and includes any subfolders and read only files.

  I am Spartacus 16:22 20 Sep 2009

P.S. the /Y switch automatically overwrites any original files on drive e: without user confirmation.

  David4637 16:36 20 Sep 2009

Thanks, I will try your solution out and report back.
Thanks again David

  David4637 19:58 21 Sep 2009

I only want to copy files on the D: drive that have been modified compared to those on the G: drive (External drive).

I have used the following switches /e /h /r /y.

Using these I can copy from D: to G: even though files on the D: already exist on the G: and are exactly the same file.

What do I need to do to only copy those files that are a later version on the D: that are not on the G: ?
Your help will be much appreciated
Thanks David

  I am Spartacus 20:13 21 Sep 2009

I will be happy to be proved wrong but I don't think it's possible to do what you want with the switches in xcopy. I use the date in my batch file to only copy over those files that have been changed on or after that date.

To simplify this (sort of) I have another batch file which simply opens the backup batch file and then I do a 'Search' and 'Replace' to change the date.

  David4637 20:19 21 Sep 2009

Thanks for your help. I was thinking there is an attribute that could be changed so xcopy would know whether it had already copied or not a file to the external drive. If know one can help me I will use your date switch. Thanks again for a fast reply. David

  I am Spartacus 20:27 21 Sep 2009

If this helps I have 2 batch files. One named backup.bat which includes similar lines to the example I gave above. The other is named backedit.bat and contains the following::

cd c:\
edit backup.bat

All this does is open up the backup batch file (backup.bat). I then Press Alt, S, R and enter the old date and then the new date. I then press Alt F, X and Y to confirm. As I've been using this method since 1998 it's now second nature to do it daily.

  I am Spartacus 20:28 21 Sep 2009

P.S. both batch files are in the root of the c:\ drive.

  Eric10 21:21 21 Sep 2009

xcopy d:\abc\xyz\*.* g:\ /M /Y

The M switch just copies the files where the archive attribute is set which happens when a file is saved or has been changed and re-saved. If a file is unchanged then the archive attribute is not set and the file will not be copied when the batch file is run on subsequent occasions.

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