Xbox Live - DNS Servers

  simmo07 00:15 18 Aug 2007

Im trying to connect xbox live up. the connetions go like

wifi router > pc > xbox 360 (via ethernet)

ive set it up so far and the connection test shows:

Network Adapter: Wired
Wireless Network: N/A (im not using)
IP Address: Confirmed
DNS: Failed
MTU: Not Tested Yet
ICMP: Not Tested Yet
XboxLive: -
NAT: Not Tested Yet

Yes before you say i know the xbox 360 should be connected directly to the router but its not, its in the ethernet slot on my pc.

Ive tried google and Microsoft sites but with no luck, im having trouble resolving the DNS server. Appreciate some help,


  User-1159794 10:23 18 Aug 2007

A couple of things I have found.

1:Contact the people you get your internet from. tell them you need to register your xbox. That should solve your DNS problem.

2:If you go to start,run,cmd,ipconfig/all,this will give you all the figures you need.

Have you tried.
3:Go to the XBox's network settings, & set IP & DNS to automatic.

Hope this helps.

  simmo07 12:31 18 Aug 2007

1) will as a last resort
2) already used ipconfig and ipconfig/all cheers
3) automatic does not work, just like i manually had to assign the IP Address im thinking i have to with the DNS

it is connected via cable router


  User-1159794 12:54 18 Aug 2007

Something else.
click here;en-us;908884&sd=xbox

What make/model is your router?

  User-1159794 12:55 18 Aug 2007

click here;en-us;908884&sd=xbox

  User-1159794 12:57 18 Aug 2007

Sorry,not sure what is happening,but try the top one here.
click here

  simmo07 01:27 19 Aug 2007

Im using a belkin wireless router.

the problem is my router is downstairs. i have 2pcs 1 downstairs but the one in question upstairs connected via USB WIFI adapter and xbox360 in same room. xbox is connected to pc via ethernet


  simmo07 02:03 19 Aug 2007

i dont get this, ive opened the ports on the XP firewall and on my router. my router model by the way is F5D7230v4_UK_6.00.14.

i tried manually configuring the DNS but still no joy, im stumped ive looked everywhere.

just keep goin at it i suppose, and i cant bridge the connections the only connections i have on the pc upstairs are LAN and Wireless Network Connection. if i try to bridge the two i get the message "To create a network bridge, you must select at least two-lan or high speed internet connections not being used by internet connection sharing."


  simmo07 02:42 19 Aug 2007

i was thinking that mate, until i finally got it working! i dont exactly know what i did but it now works. so i have:

router > pc1 (both downstairs)
pc2 wifi adapter > xbox360 (both upstairs)

internet connection now working via ethernet from pc 2 to xbox360.

just goes to show a few cans of lager and a late nighter can solve anything hehe

Cheers mate

  simmo07 02:49 19 Aug 2007

Ok if anybody else is interested i will try and work out how i did it all and post back later

  simmo07 20:01 19 Aug 2007

Although i finally figured it all out when i was drunk, i went through the whole process again and made a quick guide. It goes like this:

PC Setup:
Connection Method: Xbox to PC via ethernet. PC connected via WIFI USB Adapter to WIFI Router.

Setting the LAN: (this allows the xbox to connect to the PC)

> Right click Local Area Connection, Properties.
> Scroll down to Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), Properties.
> Select Use the following IP Address and enter:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: Leave Blank

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

> Press OK.

Setting the Firewall:

> For Windows XP goto Start, Run type firewall.cpl
> Click Exceptions tab, Add Port then add:

Name: Xbox TCP 3074
Port Number: 3074
Type: TCP

> Add another port:

Name: Xbox UDP 3074
Port Number: 3074
Type: UDP

> And a final port:

Name: Xbox UDP 88
Port Number: 88
Type: UDP

Setting the Router:

> Open your internet browser and type
> If you need to log in to the router, default password is normally blank, so dont type anything.
> Click Virtual Servers, now you need to add 3 new entries, they are:

Description: Inbound Port: Type: Private IP Address: Private Port:

DNSServer 3074-3074 TCP 3074-3074
DNSServer 88-88 UDP 88-88
DNSServer 3074-3074 UDP 3074-3074

> Make sure they are enabled and click Apply.

> Finally click DNS from the left and ensure that Automatic from ISP is checked.

Sharing Internet Access With Xbox Live:

> Click Start, Control Panel, Network Setup Wizard.
> Click Next, Next, then a box will appear, select the LAN and click Next. (the Xbox needs to be turned on with the ethernet running to the PC)
> Select the first option which should say this computer is connected to the internet and i i will configure access for the other networks.
> Complete the on screen wizard and all should be done.

XBOX 360 Setup

In the Xbox Dashboard you need to edit the Network Settings like so:

IP Settings: (manual)

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

DNS Settings: (automatic)

Primary DNS Server: N/A
Secondary DNS Server: N/A

PPPoE Settings:

Username: N/A
Password: N/A
Service Name: N/A

Advanced Settings:

Host Name: N/A
Alternate MAC Address: N/A

Run the Xbox Live Test and all tests should pass:

Network Adapter: Wired If fails make sure the ethernet is connected from Xbox to PC
Wireless Network: N/A Only applies if you use the Wireless Dongle for Xbox
IP Address: Confirmed If it fails check you can go on the internet on your PC
DNS: Failed Make sure the networks have a fast enough connection
MTU: Confirmed Makes sure there is enough speed to go on Live
ICMP: Confirmed If it fails make sure you run the Network Setup Wizard on PC.
And that you have LAN Enabled.
XboxLive: Confirmed If you pass then you are ready to go on Live
NAT: Open Network Address Translation

If the Test passes like above your good to go on Xbox Live.

if it Fails ask me i might be able to help further more, if im drunk thats the only way i get things to work haha.

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