Xbox live

  yogibear 00:18 04 May 2009

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have just signed up for the above but I can't go online.

I have a pc (win XP) with a wireless link to my BT Homehub 2.0, but where would I fit in my xbox in that chain? I have tried Hub to console ethernet, nothing. So I tried console to PC ethernet, nothing.Microsoft do a wireless adapter for the console, but with the way things are I'd rather keep my cash for other things.

An clues as to how to progress gartefullyrecieved, cheers.

  superhoops 07:08 04 May 2009

I have mine set up as an ethernet cable from the xbox to my router, works fine. To access my pictures and music from my pc I also have an ethernet from router to pc. I agree about the astronomical cost of the wireless adaptor and so havent bought one.
As an aside, when I bought the xbox a few weeks ago I thought that the included xbox live silver memebership was enough for the chatting to other online players(for my son not me!). However, I have since found out I have to pay amonthly sub when the gold trial expires, grrrrr

  yogibear 09:40 04 May 2009

That's the setup I thought would make the most sense, but nowt there. Did you enter all the IP & DNS settings from your pc to your xbox?

As for the membership, Silver doesn't offer much does it. I agree about the Gold, but it's a sellers market I'm afraid. Surely you don't begrudgeold Bill a few more billions? lol

  superhoops 10:21 04 May 2009

No, I simply plugged the ethernet in the back of the xbox and into the router and it found it straight away. Setting up the remote media player was a bit more involved with visiting a website and entering a code from the xbox. Well worth it in the end though, superb graphics on the games and watching your photos on a 40" screen with your music as a backdrop is brill! My son (9) is well into chatting to fellow players whilst creeping round the missions - he wont let me not pay for the gold membership when the trial is done

  yogibear 12:49 04 May 2009

I've got it linked as pc wirelessly to hub, hub cabled to xbox, but still no connection. Been on the xbox live website, downloaded instructions, but it says to use a wireless network adapter.GRRR!

I did set it up last year, but let my membership lapse and now I can't remember how I blundered through it last time.

I'm in the same boat with my 10 year old, once I've signed up it'll be a lifetime committment. Must have a try at the remote media player though, sounds ok to me.

  yogibear 13:35 04 May 2009

Well that was a pain. Ethernet cable was U/S, changed it and sorted now.

Cheers superhoops, might come across you sometime.

  superhoops 22:20 04 May 2009

Yep having yr photos/music on a big screen is cool (as my son says). Glad you got it sorted

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