Xbox 360 - 3 Red Lights

  simmo07 13:15 09 Aug 2007

well im kind of aware this isnt a xbox forum but thought some of you experts mite know about it.

Basically a few weeks ago i got the 3 red lights of death (described similiary to the BSOD). which basically means my xbox 360 has packed in. lookin on google it shows some crazy statistics stating basically that if you have a 360 dont bet your house on it that it will live.

apparently the motherboard is crammed with that many chips and connections etc its prone to overheating and can cause faulty connections, soldering joints etc.

and the fact that 3 red lights show up and is described as a "hardware failure" is a quite funny i think. they have error codes etc but out of all the list 3 red lights basically means your xbox is dead. i also read you need like 2 intercoolers and a desktop fan, yes a desktop fan blowing cool air on it! is this crazy or wat i think m$ suck.

is it possible that m$ have made a really crappy product? a mean pc's these days have that many bells and whistles yet run fine. I only bought the 360 in january ready for forza 2, fifa 08, halo3 and GTA4. the hours ill play on fifa, gta and halo i will need to play in gale force wind to keep it cool.

i dont like the idea of getting one repaired then having to send it back in like 5 months time.

be warned another fantastic m$ product shines again!!!!!

  sean-278262 13:23 09 Aug 2007

I didn't know about this on the 360s. However I wouldn't put it past M$ for a quick buck. Seen Vista lately? :D As for the problem so long as you purchased in the UK take it back to the place of purchase. Under the sale of goods act you are entitled to 12months warranty on it and it has failed through no fault of your own so long as you did not do anything you are not supposed to such as open the machine.

I'm starting to feel even more glad in this heat that I got myself a PS3. Sadly this makes me even less likely to get a 360 at Christmas.

  User-1159794 13:26 09 Aug 2007

Have a look here.
click here

  robbiepaul79 13:26 09 Aug 2007

dont get it repaired send it back and get another one microsoft extended the warranty on these by 3 years for nothing did they not?

  Fawaz 13:37 09 Aug 2007

The reason for the 3 red lights is that some of the stuff inside connecting parts starts melting. If microsoft fix it, they put in better quality parts and extra ventalation. Fixing is better than getting a new one. If your thinking about getting a cooling fan, be wary, most don't work and the fans on them tend to melt, lol. Just keep your xbox in an open uncofined space, and keep it vertical.

  robbiepaul79 13:46 09 Aug 2007

I dont see how fixing is better than getting a new one, also people i know have bought fans that work perfectly.

I wouldnt be put off getting one of these machines if you are interested in them just going on this problem though Astec123.

Yet if you have already shelled out for the vastly overpriced PS3 i dont suppose you have to get a 360 do ya.

  simmo07 14:36 09 Aug 2007

Astec123: i bought it from hmv but lost my reciept. iv heard you dont need it if you sent it to m$ i would for hmv though im thinking.

i actually noticed it failing when ever i played forza 2. the road and most the graphics would dissapear and then the 360 made a clicking sound.

it even says to try the "towel trick" completely covering the 360 in a towel and switching the console on to overheat it for about 30 mins! some crazy fool decided to do this thinking it would melt the seperated components back together.

crazy yankees

  retep888 15:41 09 Aug 2007

click here
You don't need your receipt,just get your xbox 360's S/N ready and stated when you got it.
My one got the same "R O D" 9 months after I bought it,got a brand new one sent to me a week later and extra warranties upto 3 years.

<<I'm starting to feel even more glad in this heat that I got myself a PS3. Sadly this makes me even less likely to get a 360 at Christmas.>>

Sadly my PS3's gone belly up too after 3 months as well,this time a flashing red light indicating hardware failure and overheating,again contacted Sony directly( who's a very helpful too) and 2 days later a brand new PS3 delvered and the faulty one picked up as well as extra 12 months warranty.

Well, that left me the WII which still goes on strongly without any problem.(Fingers crossed)

  simmo07 16:38 09 Aug 2007

bring back the sega megadrive anyday.

how much does it cost to fone m$ a think its a freefone number but im on my mobile. dont know if vodafone charge you for using 0800 numbers.


  keef66 16:40 09 Aug 2007

contact Microsoft directly; they have extended their warranty to 3 yrs because of these problems. The thing hasn't been available for 3 years so they shouldn't quibble about when / where you bought it.

  retep888 16:48 09 Aug 2007

Send them an e-mail if you worry about the mobile phone cost, I think most of the Networks do charge 0800 nos.

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