XBOX 360

  B Brush 22:38 08 Feb 2006

Can I link my XBOX360 to the web through my pc?

I have an ASDL modem which does not support the ethernet cable, but my PC has an ethernet port (I think)which is linked to said modem.

Any ideas muchos welcome

  Mytob 23:29 08 Feb 2006

as far as i no yaou can link it to your pc but it will only work with media center version of it. as for how you do it im not intirly sure as i dont have one. at a guess maby through a crosover cable?

  Octoz 12:36 09 Feb 2006

Check this link out:click here

  Jdoki 12:41 09 Feb 2006

You 'should' be able to set up your Xbox360 using Windows ICS (internet Connection Sharing).

I know you can do it with the old Xbox, so I don't think you should have a problem with the new one.

I've never tried it, as I have my Xbox360 and PC set up to wirelessly connect through my modem/router.

Check out the support pages of and for Windows ICS set up instructions

  rmcqua 12:42 09 Feb 2006

I'm assuming you want to connect to XBox Live? I believe that it can be done with your PC/modem setup. Please take a look at this link, which might help:
click here

  B Brush 18:20 09 Feb 2006

Thanks for your replies everyone.

I have just released all the wires and pulled my PC out from is resting place and alas no ethernet port!! Thought I must have one as options for LAN connection and a device are available in control panel.

Oh well, what do I do now? My modem is an external Thomson Speedtouch 330, with no where to plug in the cable from the XBOX.

The sites that you have provided links always refer to a DSL/Cable modem, I have an ADSL modem through a BT line. Do I need to buy another modem? Will a DSL/Cable modem work through a phone line? Is there any other kit I can buy to get the XBOX connected to the PC, perhaps via USB?

Again any ideas are very welcome.


  Skills 18:34 09 Feb 2006

Im not a 100% sure as I dont own an Xbox but I think the easiest solution would be for you to buy an adsl modem/router combo set you back somewhere around £70. The router/modem combo will take the place of the USB modem you have and provide you with 4 ethernet ports. You'll need to have a ethernet port on your PC as well thou unless you go wireless some netgear wireless models come with a wireless USB dongle. If you did need a network card thou prob cost about a £5 .

  Mytob 22:12 09 Feb 2006

as mentioned above get a firewall router combo. id also go for the wireless version as ethernet cables everywhere are a hell of a tripping hazard as iv found out! you can get a netgear one from pc world for about £70 now and it also has the great effewct of doing wounders for your online security from hackers and worms.

  Jdoki 10:46 10 Feb 2006

Yep, an ADSL modem/router is your best bet. Might be worth checking the website for a list of approved routers.

Some manufacturers, such as D-Link, have products that are badged as 'XBox Live compatible', but only work with the original XBox, not the 360.

I use a wireless router/modem from D-Link (A DSL-624+ if memory serves me), I bought the Xbox360 wireless device and everything connects up fine.

You wil probably get better performance via ethernet cable rather than wireless, but as most wireless routers have ethernet ports as well you can always choose the best method for connection (ethernet is a bit easier to set up)

  B Brush 12:53 12 Feb 2006

Thanks again everyone

I will have a browse or pop down to PC world to get a wireless router modem.


  Jdoki 21:06 12 Feb 2006

Just to correct my previous post.

I have a D-Link DSL-G604T - works great with the 360!

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