x850 pro Power Supply

  Keith C 15:33 24 Feb 2006

I've decided to upgrade to the Radeon x850 Pro AGP graphics card but I checked my power supply and it's only 250w and the recommended for this particular card is 350w and higher. Apprently the card has to be connected directly to the power supply, this is where I became confused. Do all new PSU's come with an adapter for graphics cards now or is there a particular PSU I should be looking at. If anyone has this card and knows what PSU is compatible I'd appreciate some advice.


  remind 16:05 24 Feb 2006

The cards come with a standard molex connector - any new PSU will have a couple spare after you've plugged in your other kit.

  Mr Beeline 18:00 24 Feb 2006


As it says on the box ... 350w, or better require for this card. Think you will be lucky if it will run on a 250w!

As remind says ... most PSU's have one, or more spare molex connectors. If not, then if the card is a retail boxed version, it will almost certainly come with what's called a "pass through cable". This lets you unplug say the molex to the hard drive, plug the pass through cable into the hard drive, then re-plug the power cable into the pass through cable.

PS. Nice card... They can usually overclock quite well.

  CurlyWhirly 11:31 26 Feb 2006

"PS. Nice card... They can usually overclock quite well."

You are not wrong there although I have the X850 XT version.

My GPU core can be overclocked from the default 520 Mhz to 590 Mhz and the memory can be overclocked from the default 540 Mhz(1080) to 610 Mhz(1220) which *does* make a difference in my games and also benchmarks too.

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