x6800 cpu temperature

  Incony 00:46 25 Apr 2007

I`m using:
P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard
x6800 intel dual core 2.93 CPU

with the mobo is the ASUS PC Probe II V1.03.02

it says:
cpu temp is 150 deg c....as soon as enabled, sounding the audio alarm.

and mobo temp is 39 deg c...

its nonsense, the cpu would have shut down.

concerned i`m not getting a reading at all, i loaded the intel TAT, 2.0

Intel® Thermal Analysis Tool: v 2.05.2006.0420
Processor: Pentium® M Processor (6FXh)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
OS version: 5.1.2600 (Build 2600)
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 0] : Chipset: 0-4 Processor: 0-1
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 1] : Chipset: 0-4 Processor: 0-1
Driver Version: v1.0
Power Source: AC
Workload library returns Context: 0x1
Polling Period: 2000 mSec.
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 0] : Chipset: 0-4 Processor: 0-1
On Demand Clock Modulation [Processor 1] : Chipset: 0-4 Processor: 0-1
0:36:58: ** Monitor Started **
0:36:58: No temperature reading
0:36:58: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 42°C ]
0:37:00: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 40°C ]
0:37:00: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 40°C ]
0:37:02: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 41°C ]
0:37:02: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37°C ]
0:37:04: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 42°C ]
0:37:04: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 39°C ]
0:37:06: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 41°C ]
0:37:08: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37°C ]
0:37:10: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 40°C ]
0:37:10: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 39°C ]
0:37:12: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 41°C ]
0:37:12: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37°C ]
0:37:14: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 39°C ]
0:37:16: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 40°C ]
0:37:16: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 40°C ]
0:37:20: Processor 0 : DIGITAL TMP[ 41°C ]
0:37:20: Processor 1 : DIGITAL TMP[ 37°C ]
0:37:21: ** Monitor Stopped **
Writing to C:\Program Files\Intel Corporation\Thermal Analysis Tool\Results.txt

TAT appears to read the core temps correctly, i`m just sounding out for advice, since TAT was made for notebook CPU`s.

Can i believe TAT? or is there a better way to check the x6800 temp on the DH deluxe motherboard?

PC probe isnt getting info at all on cpu temp, i think.

nvidia ntune says the 7950 gpu temps are about 70 deg c.. can i believe that?

any advice welcome.

whats the cpu temp in bios? dual core sensors are faily complex, so bios is probably the truest reading the tat temps look about spot on as does the graphics.

  Probabilitydrive 07:41 25 Apr 2007

Did you use a thermal pad or thermal paste?

How to install an Intel CPU.
click here

CPU overheat.
click here=

  Probabilitydrive 07:42 25 Apr 2007

please ignore and replace 'How to install an Intel CPU' with click here=

  Incony 17:06 25 Apr 2007

P40 fibreglass, and a whole tube of no more screws, first coating all the pins with with fast cure araldite, and then using a couple of self tapping screws, into the mobo to hold the cpu in, to be sure....:)

thermal paste.

i`ve not looked in the bios yet, but will.

Im thinking the thermal diode that PC Probe should get info from either isnt operational or PC probe isnt seeing it.

s.m.a.r.t says everything is happy... ive not had any indications of overtemp in anything in five months...

i was just a little alarmed that the way of checking the mobo temp, that Asus provide with the mobo, was so obviously in error, hence trying Intel TAT.

All this came about after a power cut, the PC wouldnt boot up, The hard drive characteristic clicks that the 10,000 rpm raptor makes were absent...after about a minute of no monitor signal at all, the cpu fan stopped, another couple of minutes, the pc would shut down completely.

With no monitor signal, and boot failure i was, to say the least, a little concerned, i could not resolve the problem without boot up or monitor.
After trying all easily removable items in another PC, i came to the conclusion it was either mobo or cpu.

I took the unit to PC World,since i did not have time, or conviction, that i was competant. and they charged me £20.00 to say the same thing," mobo or motherboard" after four days, they hadnt found the fault.

I sat down and read the ASUS manual front to back, surfed the web, and found that some folks had similar faults, no boot, no monitor signal. The suggestions included removing and replacing the cmos battery, hidden under the Graphics card. In the ASUS manual are instructions on how to do that, since it also means moving the jumper link in that circuit.

I did that, and on power up,-- voila PC fixed..
i just had to reset the time and date..

At the time i took the unit to PC World i would have happily paid the tech £100 for that simple ten minute fix.. i wont trust them again with anything of mine.

The result of that episode has made me more determined to have the knowledge, courage and conviction that will enable me to solve PC problems, as quickly as i eventually did.

Hence the curiosity about the cpu temp.

Holding six hundred pounds worth of chip in two fingers for the first time is awesome and scary.. ive been there now.. done that..:)

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