Is a fraud site?

  bjk 19:30 26 Jan 2009

Anybody knowing this site? This happened to me: After having tried the test version of WinRAR 3.8 I decided to buy a single user license. Everything OK until I typed in my credit card infomation, then the purchase process was suddenly interrupted and a message from Cleverbridge showed up in my browser telling me that the purchase process was "delayed" (not a word about why) and had to be handled manually. Very strange. This message gave me a "cleverbridge reference number". After then I did not hear or receive ANYTHING! One day later I sent a request to WinRAR support asking for my product under reference to this "cleverbridge reference". The ONLY thing they answered me was telling me they had sent a license key in a separate mail (?). Why a separate mail when they could have attached the license key to their answer? Of course I never received this "separate" mail. I have sent new requests asking for the license I had purchased, invoice and a confirmation of having received my payment, but they DO NOT ANSWER. My bank has informed me that my credit card was charged the very first day, so there was obviously no delay. Result: they charged my credit card, gave me a nonsense reference number, and nothing more. Furthermore, they do not answer. Strange business.

  skidzy 20:01 26 Jan 2009

Firstly,i believe Cleverbridge is a company that handles online orders and payments for Winrar and all above board. click here&

I believe its lack of communication in your case .

  birdface 20:21 26 Jan 2009

Looks genuine.But I did notice a few bad sites to download it from.Maybe show us where you downloaded it from and we can tel you if it was a good site or not.

  bjk 20:31 26 Jan 2009

I know there are som bad sites, but this, click here, should be the good one. There is a link to this site directly from click here too, I think this is "good" one. However, they do not answer, I have still payed them for nothing. Any other ideas?

  birdface 20:39 26 Jan 2009

Both of them look good.Just wondering if your E-Mail provider has classed the e-mail as spam and put it in the deleted items folder.or maybe E-mail them again and explain that you never received your licence key and could they resend it.

  bjk 05:59 27 Jan 2009

Hi again, buteman,
I always check the spam folder. Well, I will try once again to contact them. I have purchased a lot of programs in my life, but I have never seen this. Even if USD 29 is not that much money, it is still quite annoying to pay this for nothing.

  gazzaho 07:25 27 Jan 2009

I just bought Acronis True Image 2009 backup software last week and it was handled through Cleverbridge with no problems, I did, however pay with PayPal.

It's just a suggestion but you might want to set up an account with PayPal or similar as it's another line of protection in shopping online. I only use my credit card if there is no other option open to me and I'm fairly sure of the company I'm dealing with.

If the worst comes to the worst contact your credit card company and inform them, you must have a disputes number to ring, if not ask for the number. They might be able to do something to rectify the problem. Winrar is a well known program and I can't see the genuine company behind it ripping you off intentionally, but as buteman says there are some dubious sites from which to download it. Perhaps if you also contact Cleverbridge, quote your number and ask for their assistance or advice you may find a resolution.

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