www.shoparhive.com - any thoughts please?

  Happy37 20:42 10 Apr 2009

Hello everyone...

Don’t know if anyone has seen this site on the net yet?

It's offering Windows Vista for some amazing prices:-

click here

What do you all think? - a steal or not...worth going for, or sticking with XP for now, or even waiting for Windows 7?

On a side note, I DO have a copy of a Windows Anytime Upgrade DVD for Vista Ultimate - can I use this disc to install Vista on a new partition and use my system as a dual-boot PC or not?

A slight hitch, though - I don't have a CD key to install the upgrade with, and I don't want to go down the non-legit route?

Can anyone suggest how this can work please? (if at all.....)

I am asking this as I would like to review my future options for PC OSs seeing that XP will be on its way out in due course, Vista is hit and miss in a lot of peoples' opinion, and Windows 7 is still in development?

Care to share your thoughts, please? - all help and suggestions appreciated.



  birdface 20:46 10 Apr 2009

cheaper here if one of the family is in full time education or at college.

click here

  Happy37 20:52 10 Apr 2009


Thanks for your reply and the link, yet I am not in education anymore...any other thoughts, please?

  lotvic 20:56 10 Apr 2009

No-one on here will help you install a pirate copy of Vista or any pirate program.

It is not allowed and is illegal.

  Happy37 21:02 10 Apr 2009


Thanks for that - I do know that it's illegal, and I wasn't asking that anyway if you read my post - any other thoughts?

  Happy37 06:27 13 Apr 2009

Just popping back to ask if I can use a Vista Ultimate upgrade DVD to install Vista on a new partition so that I can sual-boot with XP for the time being?

Please let me know - thanks...


  Happy37 06:27 13 Apr 2009

*dual-boot, not sual-boot (typo)

  Kevscar1 06:48 13 Apr 2009

US site No address details which may not be required by law over there but I definetly would not buy from any site that didn't display it's full details. Digital download so what happens if something goes wrong in the process and they won't refund. Those sort of prices i would definetly want a disc

  Happy37 09:10 13 Apr 2009


Many thanks for your info, I have had a further look at the site now, and there are no address details for the site, so one cannot get in touch via phone, fax, email etc..... There is only an online support system. However, I will not be buying form that site now as I have approached the site that buteman mentioned in his post above:- (thanks Buteman for the link)

click here

To answer the question that I asked:-

Can I use a Vista Ultimate Upgrade DVD to install Vista on a new partition so that I can dual-boot with XP for the time being?

Does anyone know, or provide links please?

Thanks again for the help.



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