*dillonfubar* 21:21 11 May 2004

When i click on a link that starts with the above address, and then goes on to the proper web address, it always says "Page cannot be displayed". It happens on any sites that use this "click counter" (i presume thats what it is). The one that it's done it on recently is "pricelook.co.uk" which searches all auctions taking place. I am on NTL 600K broadband. Anyone know how to rectify this so i can follow my links??

  techpro 22:44 11 May 2004

You using an ad blocker by any chance?

  *dillonfubar* 23:06 11 May 2004

Yes, adsgone 2004, but even when i disable it, i still has the same problem...

  techpro 08:45 12 May 2004

Take a look at the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (or C:\Windows\hosts if you're running Win 9x/Me). After several comment lines starting with #, it should have one line that says: localhost .

If that's OK, you've probably got a corrupt cookie or something. You could also check your firewall, which might have some kind of site-blocking feature.

  *dillonfubar* 12:09 12 May 2004

Nice one, that was the problem, the 'hosts' file, it had a load of servers blocked by 'Spybot'. I just deleted those entries. Thanks a lot for your help!!

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