www.techadvisor.co.uk taking over as homepage

  griffon 56 23:41 10 Jan 2005

Among other things, a virus is defined as software loaded on your computer without your permission which does mischievous things. After loading IE6.1 with OE6 from the PC Advisor Subscriber Collection gift disc I can't get rid of click here continually taking over from my ISP as default home page. Even after making a new dial up connection and nominating my ISP as default I don't know how many times, it made no difference. Can anyone tell me the cure? and would PC Advisor like to comment?

  JIM 23:55 10 Jan 2005

In all the time i have spent here,i have never come across your problem.Your "click here" is amazing,it takes me to "my own" login details ;0)

How you do that?

Can you tell us a bit more info about your system, = win os etc.See what we can do.

  Forum Editor 23:58 10 Jan 2005

would be to say that I would be very surprised to learn that we set our site as your homepage without asking you first - but I'm not involved in the production of CDs and I can't comment with any authority.

I've passed your query to our CD editor for comment, so let's wait and see.

  RickyC :-) 10:41 11 Jan 2005

In the days when Microsoft would permit us to covermount Internet Explorer, we had to use a program called the Internet Explorer Administration Kit to create the version of IE which was used on the disc. This kit required us to customise certain areas of Internet Explorer. We could add a PC Advisor logo, include the phrase "Provided by PC Advisor" on the toolbar and set the home page to any site we specified. As the alternative was to set homepages at the Microsoft home page, I thought that PC Advisor readers might prefer to have our website as their homepage, rather than that of Microsoft.

You can of course have any home page you like. Here's how to change it: open Internet Explorer and browse to the page you want to make your home page. Then click Tools (on the menu) and select Internet options. On the General options page, in the Home page panel, click the button labelled Use Current. And that's it!

We no longer distribute IE on our covermounted CD-ROMS, as Microsoft have put a stop on all magazine covermounts (do let me know if you see any Microsoft applications on our competitors' magazines!), but there are still some subscriber gifts which are sent out and contain this version of Internet Explorer.

If any readers struggle to change their homepage and require further assistance, please email me directly by clicking on the envelope icon above this message.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

CD Editor

  griffon 56 00:52 12 Jan 2005

Thank you FE and CDE for a complete answer. However, when I tried what you suggest, (and variations of it), and pressed Use Current I got "res://C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHDOCLC.DLL/offcancl.htm", and when I pressed Use Default I got, and still get, "click here". I keep having to check that the home page name I want is typed into the General tab of IE Internet Options, which is just slightly irritating. The connection I use is selected as "Default" and the button "Always dial my default connection" is checked, so the right phone number is always dialled, but I never know quite what home page is going to open. If there is another answer I'd be interested, but don't bust a gut, I'm going shortly to reformat and reload. Incidentally, I got IE 6.01 from your "PC Advisor Subscriber Collection" disc I received on renewing my sub last year. There was no mention of "Administration Kit" and from the size of the installation, 43.6Mb with most features selected, I took it to be the full monty. Presumably it is an old disc, there's a 2002 copyright on it, and I did renew through a telephone call from a third party seller, so it must have slipped through.

  griffon 56 01:18 12 Jan 2005


Thanks for your prompt response. You'll see from my reply to FE and CDE that the problem has been sorted, but I'm using Win98SE and was delighted when I found a copy of IE6.01 on disc because when I tried to download it earlier on from MS my ISP timed out my connection after 2 hours. I haven't got download continuity software loaded so after chewing through the desk I thought I was saved by the disc, but it sort of tied me in to PC Advisor, not only with an acknowledgement "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by PC Advisor" in the title bar but with PCA's home page which I couldn't get rid of.

If you are asking how the "Click here" led you to your own home page, you'll find that if you put a web address in a post to a thread, the Forum system converts it automatically to "Click here". I found out by accident a few months ago, they don't not tell you nothing.

  pieromaldi 01:22 12 Jan 2005

spybot 1.3 and adaware with the adwatch plugin will stop you from changing your homepage. If you have these installed it might be worth disabling them then changing to whichever homepage you like. Hope this helps

  JIM 02:30 12 Jan 2005

as long as your sorted and if doing a reload will soon be fresh as a daisy.Load your system slow and smooth and you be a happyman.


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