www.0spam.com - is it for real?

  Red Devil 08:27 23 May 2007

As the subject line says, is this website for real? I recived an e-mail last night purpotedly from them saying that I had sent an e-mail to someone who was "supposedly" using their anti-spam service.

It said that I needed to click a link in the e-mail they sent to validate my e-mail address so that the e-mail I had sent - and any further ones I sent - could be delivered.

These e-mails always make me suspicious and I normally delete them after having added the e-mail address to my spam filter's blacklist but, in this case, I HAD just sent someone an e-mail and the name and subject I used tallied up with 0spam's e-mail to me.

So, leaving aside for a minute how anyone could be daft, naive and gullible enough to turn controlling their e-mail spam filtering over to the people sending them e-mails as that's a method of spam control that is just ASKING - even begging - to be abused, is this site for real or am I right to be suspicious?

  keef66 09:32 23 May 2007

just had a look at ospam.com and it comes up with a beta webpage but it doesn't appear to be offering any services, just links to other sites.

What does the click here show as url when you hover over it?

  MAJ 09:33 23 May 2007

Looks legit. click here

  MAJ 09:35 23 May 2007

you're looking at ospam.com rather than 0spam.com.

  Red Devil 09:42 23 May 2007

keef66 may well be right looking at the e-mnail I received again. With the font being used it's hard to determine whether it's a 0 - number zero - or a O - capital o - so it may well be Ospam.com.

In fact, the two characters seem to be hard to tell the difference between in a lot of environments. I had to spell out which was which in the paragraph above to be able to tell the difference!!

  VoG II 09:45 23 May 2007

Interesting click here

  MAJ 09:49 23 May 2007

Try copying the text to Word (or other word processing package), change the font and see if it's 0 (zero) or O (Capital o).

  keef66 11:51 23 May 2007

0spam.com makes more sense than what I was looking at. Sounds legit.

Mind you, if I'd had the email I'd have binned it!

  Red Devil 11:54 23 May 2007

Sorry, got the two of you mixed up. My bad, sorry!

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