WS_FTP Pro - can't delete folders/files

  peabody 20:52 14 Jul 2007

I've taken over the upgrade of an existing website hosted by FastHosts. I need to delete some old folders/files.
Within WS_FTP Pro options I have set the option to 'delete non-empty folders', but I still get the error 'directory is not empty' when I try to delete the folder.
It gets worse ... if I drill in to the folder and try to delete an individual file, it fails with the error '(filename) is directory' and it won't delete.
I have no problems with other sites that I manage.

  Forum Editor 10:13 15 Jul 2007

the file permission settings on the server?

  peabody 12:48 15 Jul 2007

I also discovered that I can upload a folder and delete it with no problem, so i don't think it's to do with permissions.These are old folders - they were there when I took over the site.

FrontPage Extensions had been enabled and I had to remove them before i could upload files (at FastHosts' advice) and I wonder if there's a link there.

I've raised a support ticket but there's no response from them.

I am very unimpressed with their 'customer focus' - or lack of it!

  Forum Editor 01:29 16 Jul 2007

you shouldn't use an FTP application to access a server space that has the FP extensions installed. If you do, you're likely to break the extensions, and any of the FP active components will stop working.

If you want to change the directory structure on the server for an FP site it's far better to do it from within FP, then upload the changes - FP will do what's necessary, and all will work well.

If you're taking over the admin of an existing site you'll need to import it into FrontPage first, then save it back to your hard drive. Make the required changes to the directory structure on the hard drive version, then upload (publish) the entire site to the server, once you're absolutely sure that everything is as you want it. If Frontpage asks you about overwriting files on the server, say 'yes'.

You'll end up with 'your' version of the site on both your local drive and the server, and all will be well. If you feel in any doubt about what might happen, keep a copy of the original site on your drive, and delete it only when you've made sure that everything is working properly.

  peabody 09:56 16 Jul 2007

Having realised that this was something to do with FP Extensions, I re-enabled FPEs on the server and tried deleting the unwanted files via FP (the old site is totally defunct - I have created a new site using Dreamweaver so I want rid of the old FP site folders). On deleting a folder, it would disappear from view in the r-hand pane but re-appear as soon as I tried the same thing with another folder. The same would happen if I tried deleting individual files within the folder.

My own hosting service provider strongly recommend that FPEs should not be installed as their subsequent removal can destroy the htaccess security on the server. Is this something to do with it?

I see also that FastHosts charge £20 pa for FPEs and an extra £25 for a MySQL database. In my experience, this is extortion!

I'll keep playing around and keep you posted if the problem is ever cracked. Thanks for your advice.

  peabody 10:06 16 Jul 2007

I'm pleased to say that the service provider has at last got back to me and the issue is now resolved. I don't know what they did and have no explanation from them, but have to assume it was to do with FP Extensions.
Thanks for your help and advice,

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