WS FTP and Wanadoo

  whitehall 11:25 06 Sep 2005

Please please can anyone help?
I have an account with Wanadoo, just a simple PAYG account and have created a simple website.
In the past when Wanadoo were Freeserve, I just used to use WS FTP with the following:
Host name/Address as
User ID as the second part of my e-mail address, i.e. all that after the @ sign ( and then my password.
I could connect and upload what I wanted to my webspace.
Now Freeserve have become Wanadoo and I have found technical support far from helpful, I just asked them for the Host name/Address etc and they kept pointing me to their home web page and "build you own web site", this I have also found far from helpful, in that all the details I have used do not allow me to log into my webspace.
I also asked technical support ig I cound use my broadband connection which is not with Wanadoo to use my FTP program to log into my web space at Wanadoo and they didn't really know!! So maybe this is also a factor?
I will be very grateful for any help.

  appy 20:32 10 Sep 2005

To upload onto your ftp you must be using wanadoo access whether dial up or broadband. You cannot upload using another isp's access.
The hostname is
The log in is
[email protected]|nameofthesite
You then enter your password

You can have 5 sites

To start a site you must go through site builder ftp on the wanadoo site and define the site name. Your index page must be index.html and should be the first page you upload to the site.
You can enter the sitebuilder site and manually alter the coding which is very convenient as you need to enter file locations where it apears on the wanadoo server not your own hard drive.

You will have a steep learning curve but it is very rewarding.
All the information is on wanadoo site/members centre/build a website.

Good luck Pete

  whitehall 10:54 11 Sep 2005

Thanks Pete
In the end I signed-up with Eclipse for Mail and web hosting (they are my broadband provider) and am now able to FTP, using Terappin FTP, the site I have created using Microsoft Frontpage.
From what I could see with the Wanadoo set-up, it was complicated and in the past when they were Freeserve, I was used to being in control with FTP, it didn't appear that I would be so much in control under the new system.
Many thanks Sharon

  appy 20:01 11 Sep 2005

Well done. If you can get hold of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX it makes things very much easier to control the upload and download from the published site. When you make a mistake you can download the full site from your isp. Good luck


  whitehall 21:07 11 Sep 2005

Many thanks Pete for you advice, much appreciated.
Regards Sharon

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