Wrong Voltage

  akzah 17:39 19 Jan 2003
  akzah 17:39 19 Jan 2003

Here is story, get ready to laugh then cry:

My Cousin calls me round to fit a new Hard Drive he bought and install WinXP. I go round this morning and install the XP and fit his Hard Drive.

Halfway through adding the Sound Drivers, it asks to restart, though the P.C freezes. Being lazy I tell my cousin press the restart button though no differnce. I tell him instead turning the plug off, turn the swicth near the PSU off (this is nearly every computer). The pc turns off I tell him to switch it back on, though nothing happens the, pc looks dead, with no Mobotherboard light.

I look at the PSU and there is no switch, "Hang on which switch did you flip?" I then notice the Votlage says 115.

Looks like the PSU has blown, Can anyone please rest my fears that the rest of his components are damaaged?

Details of PC: 300W PSU, Asus 266, 1800+ Amd

  Rtus 18:16 19 Jan 2003

If youve a spare PSU Knocking around your loosing nothing by trying it. But dont expect too much ..But I think your fears are possibly right..

  Quiller. 18:30 19 Jan 2003

It should just be the psu. They do have a fuse inside for just this eventuality.

But do not open it up as it can store quite a high belt of electricity. You could take it to a local pc builder who may give you a free estimate on it, if worse comes to worse he could supply you with a new one.

  Rtus 18:32 19 Jan 2003

I just Thought Ive come across a few Psu that have the switch but are not wired to use it (it just breaks the 250v line instead) So if it didnt fry /smoke/or generally go Bang.. Try reseting the switch then power up..But please be careful..

  akzah 20:20 19 Jan 2003

Well can't find a switch on the PSU, There was no bang or smoke. I guess I will take to the shop tommorrow. I think PSU only cost around £25 so that should not be too bad.

  woodchip 20:23 19 Jan 2003

It should be dual volts 115 should not blow other components as it is lower volts

  Rtus 20:57 19 Jan 2003

("Hang on which switch did you flip?" I then notice the Voltage says 115. ..)
thats a switch..ensure Power off and slide it across to read 235/250 then try it...

  siarad 21:13 19 Jan 2003

Probably just blown a fuse as the inrush current would be enormous as a voltage doubler is used on 115V. Unfortunately fuses are very often internal & soldered in.

  akzah 22:04 19 Jan 2003

I did try when I put it back to 230 or 240, Can't remember through no such luck. I phoned the store who were atcually still open and they were very helpfull. They said the PSU is like to be fried or the fuse has blown, and that it is Highely Unlikely that the other compenents are damagaed.

Which is good to hear, will tell you what they say tommrrow when I give it to them to the replace the PSU.

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