Wrong Router??? Help Please- Silver Surfer!!

  ladylinda 20:45 29 Jan 2007

I have telewest Blueyonder Broadband via a Motorola Surfboard. I also had a laptop for xmas,together with a Belkin Wireless G Router.Now my question is, Has my daughter bought me the wrong router. I'm asking because my computer connects to the "surfboard" via USB and the cable provided with the router is anRJ-45 Ethernet cable.
Can someone please put me on the right track,please? Thanks ever so much.

  STREETWORK 21:46 29 Jan 2007

Depending on the model it could connect using either option, but the better one would be using ethernet, check your PC to see if you have an ethernet card installed. If you have use this rather than USB

  PalaeoBill 21:55 29 Jan 2007

I think your daughter has probably got it right, if your desktop PC has an Ethernet network card in it (one with an RJ45 connector). If it does not then you will need to buy a network card or a wireless card for your desktop PC.

The surfboard modem should have both a USB interface and an Ethernet port. You can use either to connect it to one PC. I should check your surfboard manual and try connecting via the Ethernet port rather than the USB.

The Belkin Wireless G router has an RJ45 port labelled modem (usually coloured green). The RJ45 cable that came with the router can be used to connect this port to the Ethernet port on the surfboard modem. Then the desktop PC can be wired to the router and the laptop can connect WiFi and both will be able to use the Broadband.

  ladylinda 22:14 29 Jan 2007

I understand what you are saying,but and its a big BUT,what looks like an ethernet port on my desktop pc is smaller than the leads i have,so i guess this is a phone connection or something,right? So i guess i need a wireless or network card? If I got one,(and DON'T LAUGH !!) where would I put it? (oh my god that sounds so thick!!)

  PalaeoBill 22:30 29 Jan 2007

Yes it sounds like a modem.

The easiest option, if you are concerned about going inside your desktop, is to use a USB wireless network adaptor.
click here

Alternatively, an ethernet network card will sit in one of the PCI slots inside your desktop PC. This should give you an idea.
click here

  Strawballs 22:32 29 Jan 2007

If you don't want to open your case to fit PCI ethernet card (which is very easy) you could use one of these click here

  PalaeoBill 22:35 29 Jan 2007


Thats the first time I have seen one of those. Neat!

  rodriguez 22:39 29 Jan 2007

You should have an Ethernet port on the back of the Surfboard modem. This plugs into the 1st port of your router with the Ethernet cable supplied with your router. Switch both on, wait a few seconds and you should get a Wireless light on the front of the router to tell you the wireless is enabled. Then you can get either an Ethernet card to go inside the PC or just get a USB wireless stick that plugs into the back (probably the easiest option). If the encryption is on, you'll have a card with the SSID and WEP or WPA key on that you need to connect wirelessly with the router. If there isn't a card, check for a label on the bottom of the router. If there isn't any SSID or anything printed anywhere, then the encryption will be disabled by default and you can set it up later using the instructions in the manual (you should always use encryption, it stops other people in range using your internet connection and/or accessing your computer).

  Strawballs 22:50 29 Jan 2007

PalaeoBill don't forget they wont run as fast as a normal eternet as the usb will be the bottleneck but they have been around for years NTL supplied me with one when they first introduced broad band because then not all machines had the lan onboard.

  ladylinda 22:54 29 Jan 2007

Absolutely bloomin brilliant,thanks folks.

  PalaeoBill 22:58 29 Jan 2007


Yes I fully appreciate it will not run as fast as a PCI network card in the PC, but for ladylinda it would be better than a USB wireless adaptor. Faster, more secure, not prone to radio interference and cheaper.

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