Wrong icons attached to files

  RoA 11:55 06 Oct 2005

Since installing Norton Antivirus 2005 I have found some family history files related to a specific piece of genealogy software now have the NAV logo attached. After working on the Tools/Folder Options/File Types box I can get the files to open with the correct program. When I hold the cursor over the file it shows the file type as 'Norton Anti Virus Scan' but there is no Norton Anti Virus Scan showing under FolderOptions/File Types. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the visually intrusive Norton stethoscope logo? Any help gratefully received.

  Grantrh 12:10 06 Oct 2005

Try right clicking on the file and then select "open with" and then choose program, select the program from the list that you want to open this type of file and then check the always open with this program box.

  MAJ 12:12 06 Oct 2005

Assuming you're using Windows XP, right-click on one of the files and choose "Open With". When the dialog box appears, select the program you want those files to open with, tick the option that says "always use this program to open files of this type" and click OK. That should return the association for that file type.

  RoA 12:33 06 Oct 2005

Thanks guys but as I said I can get the files to open with the right program but the files' logo remains the wrong one.

  Grantrh 12:54 06 Oct 2005

Have you tried what Maj and I have suggested?
It should change the icon to that of the program you have selected to open it with.

  RoA 14:24 06 Oct 2005

Yes - first thing I did - it doesn't change the icon.

  MAJ 14:33 06 Oct 2005

Download TweakUI click here and try the "Rebuild Icons" option in the "Repair" section, RoA. Again I'm assuming you're using XP (you haven't said yet).

  RoA 15:17 06 Oct 2005

Yes - XP Home. I've tried TweakUI (then spent half an hour re-personalising my desktop icons!).

  MAJ 15:43 06 Oct 2005

It's a persistant little so-and-so, then, RoA. What about right-clicking on one of the files and choosing Properties, then "Change Icon" and pointing it to the genealogy software's folder to look for the correct icon, if it finds the icon, select it and change it that way. The icon file will have a .ico extension. If it's inside a compressed (zipped) folder you might have to extract the files first, copy the .ico file out to the main folder to allow Windows to locate it. Just a thought.

  RoA 16:49 06 Oct 2005

There is no change icon option under right click/Properties. The only two options I have for this are in relation to desktop icons and under Tools/Folder Options/File Types/Advanced. I am begining to wonder whether I should uninstall then reinstall either the genealogy software or NAV 2005. What do you think?

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