Wrong icon!

  Chris the Ancient 19:55 08 Apr 2003

I'm using XP Home.

I did a bit of disk reorganisation to make backups etc more workable for me.

After a load or repartitioning and such all went well...


When I opened "My Computer", it remembers that my original G: drive was an Iomega zip drive and insists on giving my new G: partition (a part of one of my hard drives) the old zip drive icon!

I have looked in the properties of the drive in "My Computer" but can't see a way of changing the icon!

Not the end of the world; just a niggle. Anyone know of a way of changing that zip drive icon back to a HDD icon?



  graham 20:02 08 Apr 2003

To re-name something you can usually do this by right-clicking it, don't know if it will work for this.

  leo49 20:02 08 Apr 2003

See here and if necessary quoted MS knowledge paper.

click here


  graham 20:06 08 Apr 2003

Right-clicking worked for me.

  Chris the Ancient 20:14 08 Apr 2003

You have had the same ideas as me, folks.

Right clicking does call up properties - but I can't find a change icon button!

Leo. Had a look at the site. A new one to me and v-e-r-y interesting. But I can't find a fix for my problem there!

Keep thinking for me!


  leo49 20:23 08 Apr 2003

Sorry Chris, I was miles away when I read your question and somehow read it as Drive Letters.I've just bunged on XP myself and am in the process of customising it so am looking for the same thing myself[It's a simple reg hack in 9x but apparently different in XP - oh, Brave New World].


  Chris the Ancient 20:23 08 Apr 2003

Glad it's not just me!

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