Wrong E-mail Address Problem

  jambolino 19:30 30 Mar 2007

I have a problem with someone wrongly using my e-mail address and wonder how all you out there would deal with it.

I have had my e-mail address ever since my ISP started so it is now what they call a 'premium e-mail address. it is first name.surname @ ISPname.co.uk.

However, for the last few months I am getting lots of very sensitive documents being mailed to me that are meant for another person of the same name as me.

Speaking to my ISP it seems they are leaving some numbers off the end of their address, so all of their mail comes to me, My ISP said they said they would deal with it, I have written to them and spoken to my ISP several times but still the problem continues.

I would have thought that this person would have realised by now something is wrong as they cannot possibly get any mail.

I have had their online insurance details, lots of password confirmations to login on various secure sites, airline tickets and lots of e-mail containing databases of clients medical history to do with this persons work, etc plus more recently some material of a dubious nature.

I have managed to get their address from correspondance sent to me. Would you advise me to write to them directly or have another go and leave it to my ISP to sort out.

  MAJ 19:34 30 Mar 2007

It's obvious your ISP is doing nothing about it, at least, it seems like that, so personally I would write to them, or even phone them.

  1887 19:34 30 Mar 2007

I`d write to them mate. Isp are very slow in responding to any kind of query.

  Terry Brown 19:39 30 Mar 2007

I had the same problem when the new administrator of a hospital used the same Name as me,although it had a different suffix (ISP).
On the bottom of the emails was the usual,'If this is not meant for you etc', I phoned up the hospital and informed them that they had a leak on their server,and they asked me to send the emails back to them,which I did (As proof that I was not messing around).
I got a nice reply thanking me,and the Emails stopped

  p;3 21:50 30 Mar 2007

do you know the other person by any chance? and do you know the emails are actually legitimate?

  woodchip 22:05 30 Mar 2007

Click on Reply at top of E-Mail Program and let them know what is going off. They can then change there E-Mail address

  jambolino 07:58 31 Mar 2007

Thanks for all your replies.

I do not know the other person but the e-mails are definetly legitimate as information within them gives me access to log on to secure sites and retreive personal information.

Obviously I cannot e-mail them as the mail will be sent to myself!

I have their address so I will take Maj & 1887's advice and write to them.

  woodchip 20:18 31 Mar 2007

Just try Reply

  spiker 23:44 31 Mar 2007

Reply to the sender and say that you are not the actual person that they thought they were sending the stuff to, and they will soon stop... and the sender will then also know to find a new email address for that person rather than assuming that the one they have been sending to is actually the correct one.

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