"Wrong Disc Inserted" message

  Ross800 17:27 17 Nov 2005

Hi there, i recently bought a game and recieved the message "wrong disc inserted" when inserting the play disc, when asked to, after installation. it is definately the right disc, but why is this happening? I had the game replaced by the store, but have the same problem still.

Someone mentioned that virtual drives can interfere, but i have none. if i did, or had software that was interfering what would i actually do to help things?

Thanks veyr much, Ross

  Taff™ 17:34 17 Nov 2005

Is there more than one disc with the game? I wouldn`t rule out them having labelled the disc incorrectly. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the CD Rom drive and see if that gives you a clue. If there is a readme.txt file or Word Document open it and see if there is any useful troubleshooting information.

  Ross800 09:28 18 Nov 2005

There is more than one disc, but i used the install disc for installation, then, after installation message said "please insert disc 2". so, i inserted the only other disc (play disc). i have checked on explorer and it apppears to be the right one, and some of the mini games that only come on the play disc work. but when i try to run the full game "wrong disc inserted"!

  gudgulf 10:02 18 Nov 2005

Almost certainly a copy protection problem.

What game is it? That will help us identify if this is a known problem and if there are any patches etc that will help.

Do you have any programs such as Alcohol 120% or CloneDVD on your pc?

  Ross800 14:10 18 Nov 2005

It's Railroad Tycoon 3. The patches available seem to be just gameplay-glitches, i downloaded and installed the most recent one but no change.

I don't have either of those programs..

thanks for the help so far! keep it comin if poss...

  gudgulf 15:59 18 Nov 2005

Check the surface of the play disc for greasy fingerprints/dirty marks/scratches and give it a clean if necessary.

If that doesn't work then probably the only way round the problem is to make the game run without the cd.

Unfortunately this is very naughty to say the least and I wont break forum rules by telling you how.

Remember Google is your friend!

  Ross800 20:43 18 Nov 2005

Can anyone tell me what the problem is in the first place maybe? I have now tried the game on a brand new laptop with the same problem. Surely this batch of the game is faulty?? These are high-spec new machines, just out the box. I think i will just get my money back because there are too many dodgy routes that i could go down, but won't. Even thouhg, as a consumer, it is my right to a product that functions in the way it should. Any last minute tips before i go to the shop this Saturday/Sunday cos i would really like to play this game...?

I think we could be getting closer to the route here, but i bought the game, so there must be a legal way of playing it!!

  gudgulf 09:35 19 Nov 2005

The problem is that the game cds are copy protected and something on the pc is being detected that prevents the game from running.Since the game wont play on more than one straight out of the box pc this seems unlikely

Or......the game checks for the authenticity of the game disc before it will run.If the information cannot be read from the disc due to damage or a dirty disc or is not there in the first place.....ie a non genuine disc....again the game wont run.

Did you buy the game new from a reputable dealer or second hand or from some other source?

Or as you say the disc is simply faulty.

  ACOLYTE 10:34 19 Nov 2005

Try this,open the games containing folder,find the game.exe file right click it and send a shortcut to the desktop,make sure the cd is in if it auto starts stop it and then click the new shortcut you made.

  Ross800 12:03 19 Nov 2005

Hi there again.
I bought it brand new from Game so would only expect it to be OK. Yep, both PC and laptop are new, not even had time to install Office on them yet! But direct x etc are all up to date.

ACOLYTE, i tried this, but to the same effect. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

i think i will have to return the game, as i have not recieved a reply for the game manufacturers support team, after 4days of waiting! Tsk tsk. Sadly, because it is a pc game i wont be able to get a refund, will have to be an exchange. I'll do this tomorrow, so any last minute saves for this impossible riddle are more than welcome.

Cheers so far guys.

  popnottop 22:01 16 Dec 2005

I bought this game and am experiencing exactly the same problem as you. seems like poptop aren't so top......

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