Wrong default icon on desktop

  Chris the Ancient 11:35 14 Sep 2004

It may, or may not, be connected; but I have just (successfully and easily) loaded SP2.

Since then I have encountered a vagary that I've not noticed before. Mind you, I'm not saying it didn't happen before - only that I've just noticed it!

For quick and easy retouch or fiddle work, I still quite often use my faithful ULead PhotoExpress 3.0 SE that I got free with a scanner a while back. It sometimes a bit easier than messing about in PhotoShop 6 which I have also got installed in my computer (but not so readily available in my brain).

What I noticed last night is that when I save a PhotoExpress image onto my desktop, it comes up with the PhotoShop icon!

TweakUI has been adjusted under the 'Templates' tab so that PhotoShop is not a right click 'new document template' - but with no effect.

Any ideas please?

Out for a while but will check back on and off during the day.



  ventanas 11:44 14 Sep 2004

It's not just a change of association is it?
Try changing it back to Ulead in Tools\Folder Options\File Types. Or right click the file and choose Open With\Choose Program, and check the box to Always use this program.

  Chris the Ancient 12:03 14 Sep 2004

Had already been doing the 'open with' to get into PhotoExpress.

However, tried changing the associations as recommended, it opens in the correct application, but still has the PhotoShop icon!


Now I MUST go to work.

Catch it again later.


  Chris the Ancient 15:58 14 Sep 2004


  ventanas 16:18 14 Sep 2004

Chris, I was hoping it would change back after a restart, as I have seen happen. Obviously not in this case. Does the Ulead app have anything in its preferences for associating files with itself? I assume we're talking its own proprietary format here. If not I'm running out of ideas, other than reinstalling and hope it grabs it back.

  VoG II 16:35 14 Sep 2004

Uninstall and reinstall Ulead should fix it.

Of course, Photoshop files might then have the PhotoExpress icon ;o)

  Chris the Ancient 16:40 14 Sep 2004


No signs of a change. In fact, while you were posting, I was experimenting. Found that it's just the TIF files that come up with the PhotoShop icon!


It will be late tonight (darned work!) but I think I'm going to do that. I'll try uninstalling both and then reinstalling both.

But don't leave the building folks. I'll be back!


  Chris the Ancient 21:29 14 Sep 2004

Did as VoG™ suggested.

Stripped out applications, cleaned the registry, compacted it, stood on my head and whistled 'Dixie' and reloaded.

PhotoExpress went in a dream and all was fine.

Loaded PhotoShop and it 'hijacked' TIF files with its own icon. Greedy program that PhotoShop!

All sorts of twiddles and fiddles in Open With\Choose Program etc. did no good. PhotoShop says its a TIF file and it's _mine_!

Guess I'll have to put up with that.

Thanks for trying.


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