Wrong connection speed

  bx2000 23:11 17 Feb 2003

I found that surfing was slower than usual and noticed that my connection speed was 33.600bps instead of the normal 52.000bps. This is running Win98se, I tried on XP and it was 52.000bps. Have checked the modem settings and can find nothing wrong. Does anyone know what I am missing please, (that is besides a lack of grey matter.)

  suburban train 00:36 18 Feb 2003

I used to have Windows ME on my PC but when i upgraded to Windows 2000 my dial up connection was alot faster.

Try updating drivers its a bit risky or uninstall the modem and let windows xp detect the modem.

Do you know the make of the modem?

  stlucia 08:47 18 Feb 2003

Actual connection speed is more likely to be affected by your ISP's equipment than by your own PC setup. It often slows down at popular times of day, such as when the US wakes up.

  bx2000 14:35 18 Feb 2003

Thanks for response guys, I am quite happy with the XP connection its Win98se that is slow and that is my choice of OS (I hate XP) I will however try to update drivers.
stlucia I ran both OS's at same time of day and consistently get the same results i.e. XP 52.000bps and Win98se 33.600bps. I have contacted Freeserve but it takes about 4 days for them to answer so will have to wait unless some one is able to point me in the right direction.

Regards G.

  bx2000 15:52 18 Feb 2003

Thanks for prodding the grey stuff for me, a simple driver update solved the problem and back on 52.000bps. The modem is a USB desktop and is only couple of months old and it needed a driver update. Just shows where computers are concerned don't discount anything.

Regards G.

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