wrong card reader

  thospot 20:57 01 Nov 2006

I have just bought a USB 2.0 internal all in one card reader/writer to fit in my floppy drive bay but I don't think it will fit in my computer..

It's from 'Direct usb store' and I have just been on their web site and in their 'further information' it does say "connects via Mother Board connection block. I didn't see this before I purchased...

My Mother Board is a Soltek SL-75DRV/-X Socket 'A' Mainboard and I can't see anywhere for the card reader to fit.

This board does not have USB 2 directly on it but I have put an additional card in to supply me with USB 2...

Could someone confirm that I will not be able to fit this card reader so that I can send it back.
Also, could you suggest an internal card reader that would fit on my board

Thank you.....

  Technotiger 22:38 01 Nov 2006

Hi, afraid I can't advise you about your mobo connections, but I can recommend a USB2 30in1 CardReader which fits in either a 3.5" or a 5.25" slot, it comes complete with all fittings and connects to a USB port - as on your USB2 board. I paid £20 (price is normally £25, got a discount from my local pc shop)

click here


  thospot 00:09 02 Nov 2006


Thanks for your reply.

I shall send for the one you recommend.. If it connects to a USB port it will ok..


  Technotiger 07:14 02 Nov 2006

Hi, yes, it connects to a usb port. With the package you get a Blanking Plate which replaces one from the rear of the Tower. The replacement Blanking Plate has a 'cut-out' where the usb lead coming from the back of the CardReader passes through to connect into one of your spare ports. Also in the package are four different front-covers Silver/Black/Chrome/Blue so that you can make it match your Tower's look.


  fitshase 07:47 02 Nov 2006


If you have an additional card to supply USB 2 then there is, in all likelyhood, an "internal" port on that card. I have a 6 port USB 2 pci card. However, only 4 of those are external and 2 are internal.

The card reader should connect to one of those.

  Technotiger 07:56 02 Nov 2006

Yes, fitshase has made a good point, I had forgotten that.


  jack 08:24 02 Nov 2006

For what it is worth- because I can see your plan of action is pretty well settled.
I had an external card reader [silvercrest from Lidl £4.99 and also had a 5 port 4 ex 1 int PCI card.
So I took out a 3.5 in blanking plate from front and made up a tray from scrap aluminium[or a cat food tin -washed of course] glued it to blank plate into which I had cut a slot- put it all to gether ,used the internal port as already noted - and there I was - been there at least 18 months and nery a glitch [now what did I say ? ¦-( }

  thospot 10:04 02 Nov 2006

You chaps do get up early in the morning don't you...Thanks for your replies...

My USB card does have one internal port which I use to connect to a temperature 'thingy' on the front, which also has a 1394 port, one USB1 and one USB2 and also 'line in and Mic'on it.. I use it a lot for the USB2 connection but very little else..


Very ingenious. I used to do things like that because you get a great deal of satisfaction when it all works well but I can't be bothered now.. Too old to bother...

I have contacted the place I bought the Reader from in the first place and they do not have a replacement for me so they are going to refund my money... Nice people...

Thanks once again for your trouble....

  jack 11:42 02 Nov 2006

"Very ingenious. I used to do things like that because you get a great deal of satisfaction when it all works well but I can't be bothered now.. Too old to bother..."

How old is too old?
I'm 74 still at it- bothering IT wise that is ;-)

  thospot 11:59 02 Nov 2006

Well, well, Jack. 74 is a good age. I'm only 3 years older but I suppose it depends on a good many other things as to whether you can carry on in a youthfull manner.

Trouble for me is that I did not see a computer untill I was over 70 and by then I had lost my ability to learn and remember.

I have done very well to get as far as I have got but a lot of that is due to this forum.. I have no one else. Although I don't get involved I do read it most of the time and by doing that you learn by other people asking the questions...

Keep up the good work Jack and may you have a lot more years at your chosen hobby....

Ps, Even so, the age does not help me in what I have to do at 2.0 clock this afternoon. I have an appointment at the dentist because I have a tooth that is broken and it has got to come out and it is going to involve cutting the gum to get the remains out... Wish me luck....

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