this is the wrong cable..isn't it ?

  worcesterman47 17:31 31 Dec 2007

hi, i spoke by phone to a guy at maplins to get him to put by for me a "HIGH SPEED ADSL MODEM LEAD" daughter then went to pick it up...she has returned with a "UTP PATCH CABLE FOR NETWORKING"( as written on box)..i wanted a cable to run from my router to a filter connected to main phone socket in living question is the UTP PATCH CABLE is surely the wrong thing she was given wasn't it ?..or am i wrong ? many thanks in advance

  MAJ 17:39 31 Dec 2007

What you got was an ethernet cable. What you need, (if it's an ADSL (BT) connection and not a Cable (Virgin) connection) is a cable with an RJ11 connection on each end. You usually get one supplied with any modem you buy.

  MAJ 17:41 31 Dec 2007

This one for example. click here

  woodchip 17:46 31 Dec 2007

As MAJ it's a RJ11 looks a bit like a old dial up modem plug and smaller than RJ45 Ethernet cable that goes from Computer to Modem

  worcesterman47 17:47 31 Dec 2007

the one i got with the modem was way to i wanted a much longer one...thats why i ordered the above mentioned one and got given the other cable mentioned also above ( in very first post)..just trying to clarify that the UTP PATCH CABLE is NOT what i need..thanks

  MAJ 17:51 31 Dec 2007

If you asked for a "HIGH SPEED ADSL MODEM LEAD", worcesterman47, and didn't explain further, it's easy to see how the mistake was made.

  worcesterman47 18:02 31 Dec 2007

why is that then ? in the shop it is advertised as a HIGH SPEED ADSL MODEM LEAD on the packaging...not as a UTP PATCH i ask again is what they sold me correct or not ? cheers

  woodchip 18:04 31 Dec 2007

Will it Connect modem to Filter? if not! it's the wrong one

  worcesterman47 18:14 31 Dec 2007

i do not want to take it out of it has a totally different name AND colour to what i was ordering..thats why i am asking if it is wrong type....all i want is a cable...just like the one connected from my router to filter at the moment..only a longer one ..cheers again

  woodchip 18:18 31 Dec 2007

are the plugs same size? Do thy look the same? if so I would try it. Maplin will take it back if it's the wrong one. Slit the bag with a sharp knife

  MAJ 18:18 31 Dec 2007

You got the wrong one, worcesterman47, you need one like the one I linked to.

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