Is this wrong?

  pprbh 23:05 03 Jun 2006

My friend just bought a laptop with today mobile technology. She wants to get broadband. But we get a message saying 'wireless network found' and on double clicking IE icon, we can access the internet. So someone living neraby must be transmitting this? Thing is that she receives at between 11Mbps and 36Mbps. This is very new to us. Its free but probably wrong and unsafe. Any advice please?


  Devil Fish 23:09 03 Jun 2006

yes it is wrong unless it is a public access point

if you can find out who has the network it would be proper to inform them that their network is unsecured
so they can take steps to secure it

  Forum Editor 23:23 03 Jun 2006

to access another person's wireless network and use their bandwidth - there have already been several successful prosecutions.

  ade.h 23:25 03 Jun 2006

By connecting to that network, even if not of your own volition, you are breaking the law. You must make sure that you configure Windows' wireless settings to prevent automatic connection to any available network.

  pprbh 00:40 04 Jun 2006

Thanks very much for your advice. We checked with her neighbours but nobody has this. We also found the message 'This network is configured for open access' in properties. What does that mean and where could it come from. Thanks

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