Writing a programme to create hits?

  toofy 08:53 11 Jun 2008

Hello!Hope I have picked the correct forum! We are putting our house up for sale. An agent has demo'd an impressive web listing all his properties which gives the number of 'hits' each house has had, & how many times a visitor has looked at the additional pics/info for a property. It is not impossible for the hits to be fiddled by staff. Could someone with programming knowledge please offer their opinion as to whether a programme may have been written/exist to automatically 'massage' the figures shown on the website please? In other words a software programme randomly selects daily a percentage of the properties listed and increases the hits recorded.
Thanks for your advice.

  crosstrainer 09:00 11 Jun 2008

At the end of the day, all you are interested in is selling your house. The more exposure it gets, the more likely this is to occur.

I don't see any point in anyone writing code to Fiddle the figures.

You will get people "Just being nosey" So the figure will be higher than the actual responses that you get.

  crosstrainer 09:12 11 Jun 2008

Besides.....To fiddle the numbers all anyone has to do is locate the site, and log on to your details repeatedly :))

No software required.

  toofy 09:18 11 Jun 2008

Thanks crosstrainer. To sell my house I want to pick the best agent. If this guys website is what it seems then he will get my business. If the figures produced by his website are manufactured by a software program then I will be paying for an internet display which might not be as successful as the statistics indicate. It would help me greatly to know if such software is possible before signing up. Dodgy/smooth 2nd hand car sales persons exist but if you know what to beware of you can still buy a bargain car. I am hoping the answer to this post will help me know what I might be buying into.

  crosstrainer 10:54 11 Jun 2008

Almost all estate agents now have web based advertising.

Remember, it's in their intrest to sell your house!

Any reputable company should be fine, but if you have doubts, use Google to search out the site in question and look at the layout etc.

  toofy 12:15 11 Jun 2008

If it is impossible to answer my question please say so and I will end this. Question: Is it easy, difficult or impossible to write a programm to alter the hits on a website (instead of asking the office junior to do this)? Thanks.

  crosstrainer 12:22 11 Jun 2008

Easy, but pointless!

  jolorna 12:25 11 Jun 2008

a hit counter will do it but as said the normal one does not show individual ip addresses so the same person can look a 1000 times so it doesn't just show a true image of how many individual people have looked at your house

  wiz-king 12:33 11 Jun 2008

for example I get 140,000 hits on my companies website a month, about 8000 are from customers who look at the site an average of 1.4 pages/visit, this results in about 900 orders a month.
So the number of hits does not reflect the amount of people ordering or in your case buying a house.

In answer to your question .... yes it would be easy to factor in a multiplier to make the figures seem higher.

  Marko797 12:40 11 Jun 2008

and slightly off-subject, but as far as selling fees are concerned, these seem competitive and certainly cheaper than the average 1-1.5% usually charged: click here

  Marko797 12:43 11 Jun 2008

I'm in no way connected with them, it's just that one of my neighbours is selling & moving, and chose these from the normal agents, based on cost.

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