Writing a DIY Printer Driver for WinXP.

  Rayspan 20:17 18 Sep 2005

I have recently aquired an Epson Stylus 1000 ESC/P 2 wide-bed printer. I intend to use it for plotting model aircraft plans and line drawings.

The largest sheet I can print is A3. Unfortunately, aeroplane wings are usually much longer than they are wide ;-)so this is not an ideal situation, (still a lot better than A4.) My CAD prog. gets over it by using multiple sheets, which is OK but still not ideal.

Since the printer manual states printing to continuous, perforated, fan-fold paper can be achieved, I see no reason why 'banner' type sheet printing should be ruled out - if only I could write my own driver! There is such a driver - to make it behave like a plotter - but only for AutoCAD. I'm using TurboCAD.

I've downloaded Epson's 'ESCP' programming manual, the code seems reasonably understandable, but if I could do that, where would it need to be installed?

Better still, can I access the Stylus 1000 driver that comes with XP, and modify that? I'll bet it ain't that simple . . . or is it?

Haven't approached Epson yet - I have a feeling they won't be interested in support for something no longer in production.

Be grateful for feedback on this.

  keith-236785 20:52 18 Sep 2005

you are probably right regarding epsons support for old technology, might still be worth a try

most older printers had some support for printing banners going back to when we used 9pin printers (remember them).

check the drivers you have you might get a nice surprise.

i cant comment on the writing of a driver as its beyond me.

good luck, not much help but at least it will bump it back up for the night crew

  jimv7 21:11 18 Sep 2005

Just checked in xp and it has loads of epson printers including Epson Stylus 1000 ESC/P 2 drivers, have you tried any of these. I imaging win 2000 and win me to win 98v2 also will have the same drivers.

  Rayspan 01:33 19 Sep 2005

It's nice to get a response whether it solves the problem or not - so thanks chaps. Yep, I'm currently running with the WinXP driver which works well, except for the A3 limit built in to it. The spec lists A3, and 'A3 transverse' a bit pointless that last one really because it won't print to anywhere near either side edges. It will feed A2 in that mode, but the drawing only prints the lower two-thirds, i.e. to where the top of an A3 sheet in portrait mode would be. Above that an A2 sheet remains blank.

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