Writing a disclaimer Law to comply with.

  Simon_P 19:28 14 Mar 2004

I have personal a website which is basically an online photograph gallery, and I have been contacted on a number of occasions enquiring about the usage/purchase of images for commercial publications.

I would like to include a disclaimer to accompany my copyright statement, something like this. My reason for this is that I don’t want to leave myself open to legal proceedings.

Possibly start with "To the full extent permissible by law"

“I/We disclaim all responsibility for any loss or damages including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in business projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses for the use or inability to use “web address”

No warranty is given to any image or information appearing on “web address”, to it's accuracy of suitability for any particular purpose.
We will do our utmost to ensure any images that are supplied are of the highest possible quality within the limitations of the equipment and software used.”

My question is: is there any legislation that I should be aware of or comply with?
I have seen references to contract and or tort, but am unsure what that entails

  PurplePenny 19:39 14 Mar 2004

Who owns the copyright on the photos?


  Simon_P 19:46 14 Mar 2004

Is owned my myself.
Oops sorry forgot to put that in thread.

  Forum Editor 23:32 14 Mar 2004

you don't need to put any convoluted disclaimers on the site. Anyone paying you a copyright licence fee will need to agree to the terms and conditions you attach to it.

Your licences may take various forms, depending on the extent of the use to which the images will be put, but the terms of those licences don't need to go on your site - they'll be provided as a response to enquiries.

You certainly don't need a disclaimer regarding the inability of visitors to use your web site - that would only apply if you were charging an access or membership fee.

  Simon_P 17:24 15 Mar 2004

That answers all my questions
I will resolve thin thread.

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