Writing data on 800MB CD

  Narayan Adhikari 17:56 01 Feb 2007

Hi everybody?

Any idea how do I write data on 800MB CD? I have about 730 MB to burn onto one disc, hence bought few 800MB CDs. When I try to write them, using Nero or Windows itself, it still says not enough space on disc? Do I need DVD Writer for this purpose or normal CD RW drive is enough? Any help would be highly appreciated!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 01 Feb 2007

In nero you can move the slider along at the bottom of the screen that shows disk space.

  BRYNIT 18:37 01 Feb 2007

A couple of questions.

1 What type of files are you trying to write to the disk.

2 How are trying to do this.

If these are data files. Open Nero express you will notice across the botton the size of the disk in the drive uisually 700MB indicated via a red mark. If you are using 800MB disks it should show near the 800 mark unless you CD-RW drive does not support disks of this size.
Sellect data, click on add. Sellect the files, you will notice how much of the disk will be filed if it goes past the mark it will give you the message of not enough space when trying to burn the disk.

  Stuartli 18:37 01 Feb 2007

IIRC Nero's MB bar shows how many MBs have been configured for burning and what space remains.

You also have to allow for track information etc.

  Stuartli 18:39 01 Feb 2007

You could try overburning. See:

click here

  Narayan Adhikari 11:13 02 Feb 2007

I used CD Overburning to 90 mins. disc-at-once, etc at Expert Features, but remained unsuccessful. Upgraded the LG CD-RW(HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC 4480B) firmware as well. The CD Drive properties shows only 702MB capacity. So does this mean this model of Writer doesn't support 800MB writing?
I think chances are less now!

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:25 02 Feb 2007

In preferences set red marker to 92 minutes, should give just over 800 Mb

  Stuartli 12:17 02 Feb 2007

Ho-Lin-Sok could well have the answer as the Default settings are 74 minutes (yellow) and 80 minutes (red).

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