Writing CDs with Win XP

  bazza2 09:41 27 Feb 2003

I was asked to look at a problem yesterday which has me baffled.
It was a Win Xp machine, with NO additional CD writing software, just what comes with XP.

A new CD-RW was inserted into the drive, and the properties in My Computer showed it as being completely empty.

Selected a file on the C:\ drive, right-clicked, and selected 'Send To ... CD-RW'.

Another window then appeared, listing which files were to be written to the CD. So I selected the option to write the CD.

After asking me to give the CD a name, a window popped-up stating that the disk was full !!

It won't let me write anything to CD on this machine.

Any ideas, in view of the fact that my friend doesn't have Nero or Easy CD?

  AndySD 10:29 27 Feb 2003

Did you format the CD-RW?

  jjf72 11:57 27 Feb 2003

I have the same problem. Writing to CD in XP used to work fine but now am told it can't recognise the CD. Tried with different CD-Rs, CD-RWs - same problem

Have asked here for help but no-one able to suggest anything. Looks like this bit of XP is a little flaky.

Have to use Nero now which I'm sure is better software but not as simple to use.

Sorry I can't suggest a solution, but at least you now know you're not the only one :)

  graham 12:06 27 Feb 2003

Are you sure it is a CD Writer not a CD Player? I would think it strange to have a PC with a writer but no software for it.

  bazza2 12:46 27 Feb 2003


I thought about that, but I couldn't find a way of formatting it in XP. (Unless I was being silly, I couldn't see the option in the properties for the drive).


Yep. It's definitely a writer, and unless they got software with it, which they haven't installed, I couldn't see any other way of burning a CD.


  bazza2 12:50 27 Feb 2003

They got user manual with the machine, it's a Time, and in the section relating to writing to the CD, it uses the same method within XP.

  graham 12:58 27 Feb 2003

Try a different tack, using a new CDR. I found once a CDR or CD-RW had been 'rejected' as being full it could not be used. Open Word and type a short sentence. Click File, Save as, and save to CD.

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