writing cd-rws

  joe95 13:46 29 Jun 2006

I have suddenly started having problems with cd-rws today,files can't be copied using XP or Nerot,tried new discs no joy re-installed Nero no different even tried Deep Burner same result
Error message from XP error in writing, message from D/Burner medium error, power calibration area error.
Runnig XP with SP2 and all the updates. Nero is OEM with no updates been running with this for 3yearswith no problems, also tried restoring no joy there.

  rmcqua 14:00 29 Jun 2006

Sounds like your CD writer may have developed a fault.

  mattyc_92 14:03 29 Jun 2006

Have you tried a different brand of CD-Rs/CD-RWs?
It may be just your drive doesn't like the brand/you have a faulty batch

  Field Division 14:06 29 Jun 2006

Have you moved any jumpers? maybe try updating the drivers for your drive..

  dazwm 14:07 29 Jun 2006

Try 'flashing' your CD drive by gooling your make of cdrw and updating your firmware.

  dazwm 14:08 29 Jun 2006

Meant to say Googling!!

  joe95 14:12 29 Jun 2006

Used this brand for yonks with no trouble.
haven't moved anything just updating some work

  Stuartli 14:12 29 Jun 2006

Rewriters are not the most robust longevity wise (see manufacturers' figures for failure rates) and it is likely that your drive has developed a fault.

But before you discard the drive (a new CD-RW drive is only around £10 to £15 these days, so a DVD equivalent would be more sensible future proofing wise), go to Device Manager, Uninstall the rewriter and then Reboot.

Try it again and, if it doesn't work, then it will most likely only be fit for the rubbish bin...:-(

A DVD rewriter will also write to CD-R media.

  rodriguez 14:12 29 Jun 2006

The lasers in CD-RW drives burn out after a few years anyway because the beam has to be stronger when it writes a disc than when it reads a disc. Also the power calibration error is usually to do with the laser not getting enough power to burn to the disc. So if your drive is a few years old it may have just worn out so you should get a replacement. DVD writers only cost about £35 now.

  Enoch 14:19 29 Jun 2006

I run a laptop, 3 years old, XPhome. I have had problems writing to "high-speed" cd-rw. I then purchased normal 4x (non high-speed) cd-rw and have not had one problem since then.

  joe95 14:24 29 Jun 2006

This rewriter is 4years old and replaced one o which was 5yrs.it still reads discs and plays Audio discs.

will try your suggestion Stuartli had been thinking about replacing it at sometime.Any suggestions a good medium price range one.

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