Write DVD to be able to play back on Panasonic

  Churston 17:24 22 Jan 2009

I wish to record photos on a DVD in such a way that they can be viewed on my TV. I have a Panasonic Video Recorder (DMR-E85H) Using Picasa3 produces a lovely DVD, but it is not compatible with the Panasonic. ( I notice that Picasa 3 does finalize, but maybe not in the same way as the Panasonic Recorder finalizes.Can anyone enlighten me regarding a way forward

  MAJ 17:31 22 Jan 2009

If you're using Vista, use Windows DVD Maker, it comes free with Vista.

  ICF 17:38 22 Jan 2009

Try Nero it works on my Panasonics

  eedcam 19:23 22 Jan 2009

Are you making a dvd-video or just a data dvd Oh just looked at picas al it does is back up to disc thats a data dvd no and it says to view on the pc.Also I think it is meant only to be sen if they have Picaso No reason that should not play as My panny plays data all you do is load your pics and the panny's own software does the araanging .Pretty poor mind compared to a proper slide show.Where does it say finalise on picasa .No there should'nt be different methods of finalise otherwise no one would be able to play the discs on another player.

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