Write Back-Ups Directly To DVD Drive From Database

  smudge250277 21:47 12 Jun 2008

Hi all and thanks for reading my post.

I am starting a new business and made the mistake of buying a new laptop with Windows Vista all at the same time and am struggling with Vista.

I have been provided with some free accountancy software from Lloyds TSB. After some help and advice from the distributors of the software, we got it to run on Vista by tweeking a few settings.

However, the software, due to the sensitive nature of the data, asks you to back-up your data upon exiting to a removable data storage device.

When I ask the software to save to a DVD+RW disk in my DVD drive, I am advised that I am trying to write to a non-removable disk drive. I continue and thr DVD disk drive thinks for a bit, and I get the message 'Data back-up failed', followed by an 'Access Violation' error.

I contacted the distributor and they advised that I should save to the hard drive and then burn the file to disk using the burn software that came with Vista (NTI CD & DVD Maker 7).

However, I feel this is a back-door approach to the problem.

Are there any settings I can change in the software, windows, or do I need to adjust driver settings or format the disk differently to allow the direct burning to disk from this software application?

I'm afraid my days of 'tinkering' were long before the advent of CD or DVD drives. I have surfed the net and have turned up nothing thus far. Windows Vista is so scary that I daren't even try to play with the settings until I have mastered the basics, it's like ten version updates in one upgrade!

Thank you in advance for reading and replying. I look forward to your responses.


  brundle 22:29 12 Jun 2008

You can format a DVD as `Mastered` which might work, though that ought to be the default. click here

Double check the DVD from time to time. I have never trusted this kind of `Live` file system for optical media, in my experience one burn goes wrong and the whole disc can be corrupted and unusable. At least with the `session` based format, you can still access the previously burned data. Just personal experience, you may never have a problem with it.

  smudge250277 23:48 12 Jun 2008


Thank you for your fast and very informative response.

The article was fantastic, gave me a crash course in DVD writing and things are looking up.

Unfortunately, I am actually trying to let the accounting software do the writing to disk, so using Windows Explorer is still the 'back door, drag and drop approach'. Have you any ideas what might be causing the failure to write to disk? I can write to the hard drive using the mechanism provided by the software. What might be conflicting?

Look forward to a reply.

Thanks again for your information so far.

Steph. x

  brundle 09:49 13 Jun 2008

Glad you found the link useful, it's not a conflict - writing to a HD and writing to an optical drive require different methods and it appears that software needs to be written with specific code to do what you describe - as I said, even MS themselves gave people this problem with the backup program supplied with Windows 2000/XP - you can't write directly to optical drive, you have to save to the HD first.

Is it the inconvenience or the security aspect that bothers you? The latter can be mitigated with a file-wiping tool. click here

  smudge250277 10:28 13 Jun 2008

It's not the security that bothers me, it's the idea that I am not doing the task properly and I was frustrated that the software did not seem to be capable of what it asked me to do. I wanted to save directly to disk for completeness rather than this 'round the house' approach.

However, from what you say, it is probably a flaw in the accounting software. But that is ok, at least I know it's not my computer, it's settings or my incorrect disk formatting.

I have successfully saved the back-up using the procedure within the software, to my HD, and followed your instructions for burning the back-up files to the DVD. So the task is complete.

I have not tried burning to my memory stick yet, so that might be next. But I guess the only course of action would be to contact the software distributors, who have already palmed me off once, and just put up with the inconvenience otherwise.

However, this has been very enlightening and you have given me a lot of valuable information and time, asking for nothing in return. Thank you for all your advice and help, I appreciate it.

Kindest regards,


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