Wred network installtion problem

  zumlif2 22:01 24 Mar 2006

I use BTbroadband basic via a BT Voyager 105 modem. I wish to network a second computer to the internet. I bought a Sumvision/Conexant modem/router 4 port new and I have spent hours trying to get it to work. After lots of trial and error and studying forums I can get my 2 machines to see each other but I can't access the internet. My Network Places/Properties/Local Area Connection 4 actually reads "connected". PPOA connection is OK but neither IE nor Firefox can see the net. Pinging click here also fails.
Has anyone any idea which setting is wrong?
Windows XP Pro,sp2

  Strawballs 23:51 24 Mar 2006

Try network forum you should get a better response

  wobblymike 06:11 25 Mar 2006

You don't actually say that you have accessed your modem configuration page and inputted your user name and password to connect - on the principle of not overlooking the obvious, have you done that?

  zumlif2 17:46 26 Mar 2006

Thank you Strawballs and Wobblymike. I have done everything according to the book, in fact my son who knows far more about these things than I do can't get beyond this stage. Is it possible that I have bought a modem/router configured for the US and requires different settings for the UK?
I'll try the Nework forum as well.

  zumlif2 19:19 06 Apr 2006

I have finally been able to connect both my computers to the internet and each other through my Sumvision/conexant 4 port modem router thanks mainly to an excellent website click here. however one minor problem remains. The little double monitor icon indicating that connection has been made does not appear in the lower toolbar of the 2nd. machine. Doer anyone know how I can this back?

  wobblymike 22:29 06 Apr 2006

Control Panel - Network connections - right click your connection select properties tick the box that says Show an icon in notification area when connected

  zumlif2 18:23 09 Apr 2006

Thank you wobblymike. Your advice works perfectly with XP but not with 98SE. It was remiss of me not to mention that my 2nd. machine runs 98SE. I have tried looking at the properties of everything I can think of on the 98 machine but can't find anything to bring back the icon. I must be not recognising something. Do you know the answer?

  remind 18:28 09 Apr 2006

That doesn't appear on 98 unless you're using dialup or 3rd party connection software (such as the little green arrows when using bt voyager kit if i remember correctly).
I could be wrong but I've never noticed it while using 98 hooked up to a cable modem via ethernet.

  pipedream 19:00 09 Apr 2006

I couldn't find any way to do this in Win98 so I downloaded & installed the free ToggleNetLights... click here which does the job brilliantly!

  zumlif3 17:57 10 Apr 2006

Thank you "remind" and "pipedream". Toggle.net works very well in 98SE. Having dumped my BT Voyager 105 modem I will almost dump BT when my contract finishes in July. Thanks to all. This issue is now resolved.

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