WPN111 connection woes.,

  sidandlil 22:37 10 Oct 2006

I set up cable broadband using WPN 824 router and WPN 111 adaptor a few days ago.every time i shut down and restart, i have to uninstall and reinstall the adaptor or i cant connect to the internet. am i supposed to leave the pc on 24/7or is there something i have missed. also , i have had to move my pc so it is less than 15 feet away from the router to get a good (green icon) signal, it is only across the hallway of our flat, and i expected better than this. anyone else had the same problem and got a solution please??????????

  Ashrich 23:38 10 Oct 2006

Try setting the router to " 54g " only , also your adapter , that should make a difference right away , try downloading the latest drivers for your operating system . Change the USB settings in device manager ( right click on My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager / Universal Serial Bus . Scroll down to USB Root hub , expand them and , in power management , untick the box that says " allow the computer to turn this device off to save power .


  Ashrich 23:39 10 Oct 2006

Forgot to ask , are your USB ports USB2.0 ?


  Danoh 00:32 11 Oct 2006

if your query is resolved, please tick the Resolved box?

  Danoh 00:34 11 Oct 2006

my sincere apologies; posted in the wrong thread.

  Danoh 00:38 11 Oct 2006

Wireless routers only emit a weak radio signal. Are there any barriers such as metal radiators, thick brick walls, even mirrors that are between the router and the adaptor on your computer?

I've found that moving either or both the router and where the adaptor is by only a couple of feet could make a huge difference in strength of wireless connections.

  sidandlil 12:03 11 Oct 2006

Danoh, I have moved the pc to within less than 10 feet away from the router, but there is a wall in the way, and due to the layout of my flat, i am stuck with that.

Ashrich, I went into the settings but there is no option to change to 54g, only to change to b only, g only , b and g, or auto 108 mps, so left alone. I had already installed latest drivers. I have reset the usb settings and unticked the box as you said, and will have to wait and see if it helps, but I have shut down and restarted twice so far and it seems ok, keeping fingers crossed.
as for the usb 2.0 question, I always thought they were, but you have me thinking now. How would I know please?

thank you for your help

  sidandlil 15:16 11 Oct 2006

just turned the pc on again and the adaptor failed to work, took it out and put back in, it seems ok now, but this cant be right

  Ashrich 22:58 11 Oct 2006

Set the router to auto 108mps , have you just plugged the USB adapter into a port on the back of the PC or is it on the supplied extention ? Have you tried it with/without the extention ? Is it plugged into a seperate hub ? Asking the question about the seperate hub incase it isn't getting all the power it needs .....


  sidandlil 09:34 12 Oct 2006

thanks for getting back Ashley, my router is set to auto108mps already. I have tried the adaptor in all of the 4 rear ports,and all of the 3 front ports, with and without the extension cable. last night i shut down and restarted the pc a few times and it all worked ok, this morning I powered up and the icon for the adaptor didnt appear, I pulled the adaptor out of the extension cable, put it back in and the icon came on and it connected to the router, but obviously i dont want to have to do that every time I use the internet.

what is this about a hub? I dont know anyhting about the power consumption, just assumed that as I was only using 2 of the 7 usb ports, that it would be ok.

  sidandlil 11:12 12 Oct 2006

the two peripherals in the usb ports i am using are not connected at start up, a printer and external hard drive. I only switch them on as and when needed.
going back a bit, how would I know I have usb2, I'm beginning to think this may be something to do with it, but if I got a usb 2 powered hub, would this do?

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