wpa on windows me ?

  baldi 19:49 15 Nov 2006

Please can someone tell me if i can set up wpa encryption on a windoews me o/s. my set up is as follows : main compter (windows me) connected to wireless router by ethernet cable and then a 2nd xp computer with wireless adapter and a third xp wireless laptop. the system is currently working fine on wep but i have heard that wpa is far more secure. the router does support wpa. also, will i get a better connection if i select either 802.11g or 802.11b instead of both in the router config. any advice would be appreciated

  Strawballs 22:20 15 Nov 2006

If all of your cards or adapters are 11g then set the router for that only and there is no reason why the ME will run WPA as it will the the adapters software that will handle that on ME again as long as all of your wireless adapters are capable of running WPA which IS far more secure than WEP!!!!

  Strawballs 22:22 15 Nov 2006

Sorry should have said "no reason why the ME should NOT run WPA" IE it will run it.

  baldi 09:29 16 Nov 2006

many thanks for your advice, i will give it a try

  Ashrich 21:38 16 Nov 2006

Doesn't really matter what the ethernet connected PC uses as an operating system , but as both of the others are running XP you will have no problem as WPA support is built in to XP ( as long as you have SP2 you can use WPA2 ) If your 2 other PC's are using modern .11g adapters then set your router to 11g only , try using Windows to control your wireless network , it makes a better job than the supplied software .


  Strawballs 22:56 16 Nov 2006

Thanks Ashrich that will teach me to not read the thread properly, quite right wired connection does not need encrytion.

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