WOW - download usage

  dnjl 23:40 12 Jul 2009

How can I find out what our download usage has been.
The reason I ask is at present we are with Tiscali on unlimited download, but have been taken over my TalkTalk & their package has a download limit of 40Mb.

I also need to know how much download usage is WOW per hr. as this may hep me.

  lotvic 00:18 13 Jul 2009

according to click here
The bandwidth usage for World of Warcraft is as follows:

Download: 6 Kb/s - 360 Kb/min - 21 600 Kb/h - 21,09 Mb/hour
Upload: 3 Kb/s - 180 Kb/min - 10 800 Kb/h - 10,54 Mb/hour

This number could change according to what you are doing in-game, for example, if you are finishing a quest, or are in a crowded area, there will be a much higher transfer rate.

TalkTalk download limit is 40 GB not Mb

  oldbeefer2 15:38 13 Jul 2009

You could monitor from now on with click here.

  DippyGirl 17:10 13 Jul 2009

I use tautology bandwidth monitor click here
daily/mothly stats

  dnjl 17:29 14 Jul 2009

Thanks for all who replied - I have registered with Broadband Choices and am awaiting to log in to get the bandwidth monitor installed.

  luthier 11:59 09 Sep 2010

I'm with TalkTalk and if you go to login to 'your account', on the left hand side of the screen you will find 'broadband' and under that 'broadband usage'. Click on that brings up a page showing your usage for the current month with an indication of whether you will exceed your allowance - which for TalkTalk is 40gb. I can't help you with WOW however.

  Terry Brown 20:28 18 May 2011

This might be what you need.

Net Meter link text

1: / Net Meter


  Terry Brown 20:35 18 May 2011

Sory Wrong link-- Should be this one.

link text


  onthelimit1 20:37 18 May 2011

TB - this is a pretty old thread!

  istok20 14:46 31 May 2011

you may try this internet usage monitor tool..

  ronalddonald 01:07 06 Jun 2011

how much re you paying for this 40mb, im with virgin now at 30gb with the telephone

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