Would like some advice on this please

  ACOLYTE 10:40 12 Jan 2012

Not really a pc question but im at a loss about what to do next.

I purched some "credits" for an online game by using Ukash,i have the recipt and the trasnaction code telling me the payment on there site was succsesful,but i did not get my credits ingame,although they do show on my account and there web site. Whe i sent a ticket to them about it they said they canot find any records on the account that i purchased any credits.Now they have stopped replying to me and ignore any other requests i make asking for help. So now im stuck i dont know what to do next,and what my options are regarding getting my items i purchsed or my money back.

  Ian in Northampton 10:53 12 Jan 2012

If the game provider won't help/cooperate, you could try contacting Ukash and show them copies of the emails you've received from the game provider, proving that no money was sent/received. You might also want to look very closely at all the transaction details to ensure that the Ukash credit had all the correct coordinates so that it would reach your game account. Typos are very easy to do...

  ACOLYTE 15:21 12 Jan 2012

Thanks,i have contacted Ukash,and they have confirmed the voucher was redeemed and they have taken my money to there account,they provided me with reference numbers to that effect,but now the compay in question is totally ignoreing my emails and requests for help that this be sorted. In effect giving nowhere to turn at the minute i am awaiting a reply from ukash to see if its possible to cancel the voucher,if i cant get what i payed for im going to do my best to see they dont profit from it.

  Terry Brown 15:30 12 Jan 2012

If you paid by credit card, contact the card issuer and inform them of the problem, same apples if you paid by Paypal. They have more 'clout' than you do and may be able to get you a refund.

If you paid by debit card- inform the bank that no more amounts are to be taken from your account to this 'service' until you say otherwise and give your reason, if they ask for it. Terry

  ACOLYTE 15:34 12 Jan 2012

Unfortunatly i was a pre-paid voucher from Ukash,you enter a code on the site and you get credited items ingame,i have not used the payment method before but it seemed pretty secure,and the site was listed on the Ukash website as safe to deal with.

  lotvic 15:12 13 Jan 2012

Maybe because of a typo/glitch it went to someone else's game account?

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