Would a portable SSD speed up my laptop

  puma377 20:16 03 Feb 2013

Hope this isnt a silly question, I've tried to post it twice already, anyway, I have just bought a Samsung NP535U3C A02UK AMD 6 13" laptop as I needed something smaller, lighter and with an anti-glare screen than the 15" Toshiba satellite Pro which I already have. I only had a limited budget, and the anti-glare screen is important. I'm finding it rather slow, I have an HP desktop which runs on AMD 8 and had no problems with that. Other than getting another 13" laptop, I didnt see any others with an anti-glare screen in my price range, would a portable/external SSD drive make it go any faster? I cant fit one internally as that would invalidate the warranty which is for a generous free 2 years. Any help and suggestions for someone not too technical would be greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 03 Feb 2013

would a portable/external SSD drive make it go any faster?

Op system needs to be on the ssd to make a difference - you cannot run the op system from an external drive (not without a great deal of trouble).

Have you removed all the bloat ware that comes on these machines and cut down on all the programs that run at start up?

  puma377 20:53 03 Feb 2013

Thanks for your help.
Im really new to W8 and dont really know what apps are relevant at start up. ideally what programmes besides the anti-virus/anti-malware programmes are needed at start-up? There are quite a few apps on the start screen, I dont know how to find them if I remove them from start screen.

If I decided to go ahead and install an internal SSD, would it make the laptop faster?

  alanrwood 21:29 03 Feb 2013

An SSD would uncountably allow to to run programs faster however you would need to clone your current drive and transfer it to the SSD and that has a few problems if you are not too savvy.

One of the problems would be that you would probably lose the Recovery function as the recovery drive would probably not be carried over.

As a measure of the improvement one of my programs used to take 20 seconds to load now takes 4 seconds but that is not to be taken as normal.

  puma377 21:59 03 Feb 2013

Thanks. I may know someone who can do that for me. I should have read the reviews before buying, I knew the laptop would be slower but thought it was the equivalent of the i3 which is on the Toshiba.

Thanks again guys.

  woodchip 22:12 03 Feb 2013

You could use Flash disc and put disc caching on it

  puma377 16:23 04 Feb 2013

Can you explain what disc caching is please? I'm not very tech savvy sorry.

  woodchip 19:48 04 Feb 2013

Check bottom of page of the link for speeding things up.

Click hear for link

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