Would mailwasher make system more secure?

  jakimo 19:42 12 May 2004

6 emails received today ,5 containing virus`s.

Avg responded and sent them to the vault...with avg and zone-alarm installed, would there be any gain in installing "mailwasher" ?

  woodchip 19:45 12 May 2004

Well if you load it you can double click a mail to look at it, and also mark it for delete on the server

  Audeal 19:48 12 May 2004

Mailwasher views the e-mails on the server and you can delete them from there. Which means you do not download any unwanted (and virus riddled) e-mails onto your computer, so therefor your system will be more secure. But you DO have to do your bit in deleting these e-mails to make your system more secure.

  Smiler 19:49 12 May 2004

The advantage of mailwasher is that you can delete any e-mails that you think are viruses or junk while they are still on the server. It won't stop any viruses because it cannot always identify them, that is what your virus checker does after you have downloaded to your computer and hopefully before you open them.

  g0slp 23:17 12 May 2004

you can stop these things before they get to your machine

As woodchip rightly says, you do have to 'do your bit' by manually scanning down the list of incoming mail as seen by Mailwasher, but it takes only a few seconds, and I wouldn't be without it now.

The only slight gripe that I have is that if another email lands in your ISP's server as your authorised emails are being loaded to your machine after telling Mailwasher to process them (deleting the unwanted first), then it will arrive at your machine. However, (using Outlook Express here, btw), so long as you don't have the preview pane on OE open, these can be deleted immediately. (Happens rarely, just be aware).

As basic Mailwasher's free, why not try it?

  GaT7 23:36 12 May 2004

Mailwasher (free edition) only processes one email account. If you have multiple email accounts you could try either POP Peeper click here or ePrompter click here both of which are free.

From personal experience, I've not had a single virus infecting my PC through email ever since installing MailWasher - I just delete ALL dodgy messages BEFORE d'loading with OE.

  woodchip 23:54 12 May 2004

Does two on my comp

  g0slp 00:20 13 May 2004

Meant to say Audeal, not woodchip, in my previous post!

Sorry for that.

  GaT7 00:21 13 May 2004

Which version do you use - v2.0.40?

  Andybear 06:56 13 May 2004

I've had two emails with virus's over the last couple of days, the senders of which started with a christian name and ended with @ntlworld.com. They had headings like 'I just want a friend'. I've got Mailwasher and in one of the colums it said 'Virus' so I just deleted them from the server. That way they didn't touch my system. So yes, I'd say get Mailwasher. I've got the free version which is fine for me as I only have one email account.

  Wes Tam ;-) 07:48 13 May 2004

Crossbow7 v2.0.40 is the latest free version.

I wouldn't be without it and even recently made a donation cos I think it's that good.

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