Would a laptop be any good for editing?

  jakasaki 17:59 14 Jul 2003

I'm thinking of buying a laptop computer to save space and to be able to use it all around the house but i'm not sure their up to the job as i don't know much about them.

I will be movie editing and i like to be able to play games too ,so i need to know which is the most powerfull graphics you can get on a laptop? Also ,is a 3G Pentium 4 processor as powerfull as the processor in an equivalent desktop? Weight,size and power consumption are'nt an issue.

Any advise or laptop recommendations would be appreciated.

  wee eddie 20:58 14 Jul 2003

Laptops and Graphics Cards are strangers. I believe that there is now a graphics card suitable for a laptop that has a magnificent 32Mg of ram.

128Mg should really be your minimum for video editing and if you read these threads there are those that feel that this is insufficient.

  Gaz 25 21:18 14 Jul 2003

New Laptops running 128Mb DDR graphics,

But it is costly.

  Jester2K II 21:19 14 Jul 2003

Is that 128 mb dedicated or "borrowed" from RAM (either wholey or partially??)

64MB ddr graphics memory is commonplace enough in a top end laptop these days but i still wouldn't recommend full on video editing with a laptop as your sole machine, but it can be done.

realistically for making feature length movies you will need a lot of memory and more storage space than would be available with a laptop. if you are just making little two minute films of your holidays you would get away with it, bare in mind also that certain parts of the video rendering process are very processor intensive so you might find a laptop will have difficulty disapating the generated heat.

  Qmar 22:43 14 Jul 2003

there are 'portable','compact' 'desktop' pc on the market.. mentioned on prevoius threads..brand names elude me yet.

  Pesala 23:57 14 Jul 2003

There are lots to choose from like this one from Evesham: click here

  woodchip 00:03 15 Jul 2003

laptop cannot replace a desktop not as yet anyway as fast as the update a laptop they update desktop so it will never catch up realy as far as I can see

I have a laptop, its a pentium4 2.6, 512m ram,
64mg graphics card, 40g HDD, its faster and better than my desktop, it can play games, i play unreal tourament with no problems, video editing is ok on it, the battery is the only thing, its only lasts about 90 mins. my desktop is a 1.6 amd athlon, 256m ram, 64m ram graphics card.

  hugh-265156 01:20 15 Jul 2003
  rawknroll 01:51 15 Jul 2003

this is something i do know about, as my desktop machine died and i was forced to use a laptop for a month to finish a video i was making, it was useless!
it had a two gig processor, but not enough HDD or memory, and that is the rub im afraid, most laptops dont have the memory or HDD power u need for serious editing. Not fast enough and not big enough. go for a SFF or a full desktop, esp if your using Premier+After Effects. lots here if you look around click here

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